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Download Scentuary 1.0

Scentuary 1.0  Our Vision To promote Scentuary Lifestyle Pte Ltd as a one-stop holistic spa in personal beauty, healthcare and total wellness Our Background Scentuary has been serving many busy corporate executives from all walks of life since

Download RecoveryApp FREE 1.0

RecoveryApp FREE 1.0  Recovery App gives you access to the 12 Steps from AA, SA, SLAA, NA, and OA. Recovery App is neither approved nor endorsed by any of the 12 step group.

Download OXCleanroom 1.0

OXCleanroom 1.0  Major importer & exporter for cleanroom disposable products for used in the highest cleanroom standard in world semiconductor, medical manufacturer, food and beverages factory.

Download Dog Pedia 1.0

Dog Pedia 1.0  Your ultimate guide to dog breed pronunciation. A great app for anyone who wants to learn how to pronounce the breeds of dog properly.

Download Drum Kit Lite 5.0

Drum Kit Lite 5.0  Ever wanted to play the drums? This is the closest you can get without a real kit. This is a fun app for drummers and non drummers alike. Impress your friends with your chops or beat.

Download Bun Palace 1.0

Bun Palace 1.0  Bun Palace Bakes Fresh Using the finest-quality ingredients and state of the art equipment, we manufacture and distribute bread products islandwide on a day-to-day basis.

Download Alien Pilot 3.0

Alien Pilot 3.0  Welcome onboard Alien Pilot, your mission is to navigating your UFO to collect Nuclear Warheads that have been left behind by enemy Aliens. Be extra careful not to crash into the wall else your UFO will explode in flames.