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Freeware Programs: Miha Psenica
Download Mihov EXIF Renamer 1.0

Mihov EXIF Renamer 1.0  The program takes all the images in the first folder and looks for the EXIF info in them. This EXIF info is put there by some digital cameras and includes mayn useful information, including the time and date when the picture was taken.

Download Mihov Image Resizer 0.6

Mihov Image Resizer 0.6  This freeware program helps you resize your favorite images to bigger or smaller size (blow or shrink). It allows you to convert and save the pictures to and from jpg, gif and bmp graphic formats in batch mode!

Download Mihov Gallery Creator 0.9.2

Mihov Gallery Creator 0.9.2  Do you have a lot of pictures that you would like to show to the world and you just don't know how?

Download Mihov Blank Screen 1.0

Mihov Blank Screen 1.0  Mihov Blank Screen shows black, green, gray, or white screen. Use the program to set the brightness of my monitor and test the quality of a monitor.

Download Mihov Index Maker 1.42

Mihov Index Maker 1.42  Mihov Index Maker is a program that creates a HTML file containing links to all the files in a given directory. If the files are in HTML format it automaticaly inserts the TITLE caption in the link. Now with support for subfolders!

Download Mihov Program No 14 0.4

Mihov Program No 14 0.4  Mihov Program No 14 is used for transforming text files to hypertext files. This is useful when you have a text file containing URLs or web addresses. The program can add 'http://' or custom text to each line.

Download Mihov ASCII Master 2.0

Mihov ASCII Master 2.0  Mihov ASCII Master is a simple but useful utility that shows you ASCII value of the key pressed - both in decimal and hex! Great for software developers!

Download Mihov DPI to Pixel Calculator 2.0

Mihov DPI to Pixel Calculator 2.0  When you resize an image you change the number of pixels. In computer world this is how it is done - there is no inches or centimetres. But when you print out an image the printer uses a resolution that is expressed in DPI (dots per inch).

Download Mihov Active 800x600 3.0

Mihov Active 800x600 3.0  Mihov Active 800x600 is a program for web and software developers. It helps you see how large a program or browser window would be if resized to a screen size of 800 x 600 pixels or any other size.

Download Mihov Code View 1.11

Mihov Code View 1.11  Mihov CodeView is a fast and easy-to-use program for quick browsing through text files, source code and HTML files

Download Mihov NSIS Helper 3.3

Mihov NSIS Helper 3.3  Mihov NSIS Helper is a program for graphical creating of script files for Nullsoft Install System. It helps with a simple GUI and can create very simple setup files. It is intended for beginners!

Download Mihov Info Saver 0.3

Mihov Info Saver 0.3  Protect yourself from the crashes! Mihov Info Saver enables you to 'enhance' clipboard to more one-line entries. By copying and pasting from clipboard you can save URLs, links, normal text or any information you want.

Download Mihov IP King 0.1

Mihov IP King 0.1  Mihov IP King changes static IP number to a dotless format. Instead of giving your address as http://example.com or you can hide the numeric address and the human address and show only a set of numbers