Microsoft Plus! Photo Story 2 LE

License: Freeware
Size: 5.1 MB
Date Added: 20 August, 2012
Category: Multimedia and Graphics / Presentation Tools
Author: Microsoft

Plus! Photo Story 2 LE, is an application from Microsoft oriented to album creation and video presentations, from digital photos, music and stories recorded by the user himself ...



Plus! Photo Story 2 LE, is an application from Microsoft oriented to album creation and video presentations, from digital photos, music and stories recorded by the user himself. It is very simple and easy to use and does not require previous knowledge of advanced multimedia management. While it is easy to use, is not very convenient for those wishing to add visual effects to their presentations or edit their pictures. The trial version does not include the digital tools that can be accessed by purchasing the license, which has a cost of $ 19.95. Some of these tools are: video CD burning, Plus! analog recorder, CD LAB MARK, dancer and audio converter. It runs on Windows Vista and all versions of Windows XP.

The interface is designed as a step-by-step assistant, thank to which is very rapid the creation of albums and presentations. The following are the basic steps:

Importation of images: it allows importing files Bmp, Esp, Gif, Jpeg, Pcd, Pcx, Png, Psd, Tga, and Tif. It also accepts to import multiple pictures at once and preview them on the main screen. From there, you can change the order or eliminate them. You can add zoom effects to pictures.

Recording stories: it records audio files through an external microphone. It enables the microphone settings, and allows deleting and rewriting the story, and previewing the story with the audio recording.

Add title screen: from here you can add a title to your story, as well as information about the author and gratitude. You can add a background image for this screen, adjust the time to be displayed and edit the type, size and color of fonts used.

Add music to the story: you can select an audio file Wma, Wav or Mp3, to incorporate as background music for the presentation and adjust the volume of playback.

Quality Adjustments: finally you can select the quality to display the images and sound reproduction, which will affect the final file size.

Finally, you'll be able to save the presentation in Wmv format for later viewing, or recording a CD that will let you share with family and friends. You can also save a Psc file; this is a project file that will allow you to open and then continue editing your video.

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