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\is a 32-track MIDI sequencer. Massiva provides support for standard MIDI, Sound Blaster AWE and Live sound cards.



\is a 32-track MIDI sequencer. Massiva provides support for standard MIDI, Sound Blaster AWE and Live sound cards. With Massiva you can: edit music in real-time\; step record with a MIDI or PC keyboard\; auto-compose simple drum, bass, or chord patterns\; and edit velocity and control changes. Massiva includes a song and part editor. "Song Edit&quot\; lets you record music, move tracks, and copy or append parts of your music. You can combine individual parts into one part, split or resize parts, transpose the alter velocity or quantize, insert or cut an area of your song, mute individual parts or tracks, and compose notes or controllers in seconds. You can also define areas of your song that you can jump to. "Part Edit&quot\; lets you: insert, delete, move or copy events\; change pitch and length\; alter velocity and controller values\; compose synchronized song pattern events with the controller\; and set the controller range.\

Operating Systems:  Windows 95/98/ME/NT/2000

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    Its very good.

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