Freeware Programs: makedatabase
Download resistor basic calc 1.0

resistor basic calc 1.0  This software used to calculate value of basic circuit of resistor with series, parallel, and delta / wye configuration. And of course, we use Ohm law's as formula.

Download my address book 1.0

my address book 1.0  This book will facilitate You to contact your friend, business partner, your family and customer shop probably..Now, not only keep your address in small book, but You also can store in usb drive by MyAddress Book.

Download ghost email book 1.0

ghost email book 1.0  Do you have hundreds of emails? yes. This freeware may useful to store your email account. Almost most people have email account more than one. Many reason to having many emails. Of course, You will forget it if didnt remember address email, password