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Download Magican Monitor 1.1.0

Magican Monitor 1.1.0  Magican Monitor has updates now, it make monitoring system status more quickly and easily. Network speed can be displayed in the dock, and the float window can be set as always in screen while moving to other space.

Download Magican Rest 1.1.0

Magican Rest 1.1.0  Magican Rest is a health-care app, it helps to manage your time. For longtime focusing on work in front of Mac, you may forget the time and forget to rest.Then you can use Magican Rest to preset the break time range before working.

Download Magican File 1.2.0

Magican File 1.2.0  Magican File is updated to help Mac users to find files more quickly. It can copy, cut, paste, delete, compress, creat files and folders, still features of searching files, looking file property and opening terminal are also available.

Download Magican AntiTrojan 1.1.0

Magican AntiTrojan 1.1.0  Magican AntiTrojan is a free app could protect your Mac. It could check/delete Flashback, MacKontrol, Sabpab and Olyx in seconds and easy to operate.

Download Magican 1.4.8

Magican 1.4.8  Magican provides a one-stop solution for the security and performance of your Mac. You can install Magican for free as your Mac cleaner, duplicate file finder, temperature monitor, network monitor and more.