Freeware Programs: Macroxx
Download ICQ Resources 3.0

ICQ Resources 3.0  ICQ facelifting tool. ICQ Resources is an ICQ icon replacement set. Drop the new ICQ resources file into the ICQ folder and enjoy the icons which look much better than the original ones.

Download ICQ Email Patch 1.0

ICQ Email Patch 1.0  \Add shortcuts to ICQ 2.5. ICQ Email Patch adds shortscuts to ICQ's email functions, which are in the File menu. You can write or check emails by pressing those shortcuts. You need \\ICQ Resources 1.3\\ in order to use this patch.

Download emptySMS TextField Patch 1.0

emptySMS TextField Patch 1.0  Removes default ICQ text message. emptySMS TextField Patch removes the default ICQ text saying, \Sent by [ICQ #]\ which appears whenever you write a new message in ICQ.

Download HTML-plain-flowed 1.0

HTML-plain-flowed 1.0  Eudora plugin to send email as HTML or text. HTML-plain-flowed is a Eudora plug-in that allows you to specify if Eudora should send HTML or plain text. You can also choose if the text should be flowed or not.

Download VLenc 1.1

VLenc 1.1  Eudora password encryption AppleScript. VLenc is a VigenRre like, password based encryption AppleScript for Eudora. You can easily encode and decode a text by selecting it and choosing a script from the Scripts menu.