Freeware Programs: MacParc
Download KeyViewer 1.2

KeyViewer 1.2  AppleScript launches Keyboard Viewer. KeyViewer is an AppleScript to easily open Apple's Keyboard Viewer in Mac OS X 10.3 (Panther) and newer.

Download DockRestarter 1.0.2

DockRestarter 1.0.2  AppleScript relaunches the Dock. DockRestarter is a handy AppleScript that relaunches your Dock when it freezes up.

Download AGex 1.2.8

AGex 1.2.8  Apple Garamond font extractor. AGex lets you extract the Apple Garamond font to your Desktop folder. For instant use you can extract Apple Garamond directly to your personal Fonts folder or to the local Fonts folder for all users.

Download TCstripper 1.1

TCstripper 1.1  \Scans media files for possible trojan horse vulnerability. TCstripper scans files for inappropriate Type &amp\; Creator (potential trojan horses). TCstripper is an AppleScript droplet to check if files with document file extensions (eg.

Download GlobalPreferencesLocker 1.0.2

GlobalPreferencesLocker 1.0.2  Avoid kernel panics on logout as discussed on the Apple discussion board. GlobalPreferencesLocker helps avoiding kernel panics on logout as discussed on the Apple Discussion Board.