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Freeware Programs: LongYue YaoKai
Download HL 2 in 1 Free 1.2

HL 2 in 1 Free 1.2  ((1) Includes Solitaire and Free Solitaire game. (2) Simple operation screen. (3) Contains a variety of expressions prompt. (4) The opening and ending animation. (5) A variety of animation shift brand animation.

Download GunFree!!! 1.0

GunFree!!! 1.0  A very suitable for the game to pass the time; also very suitable for children to play. Can recognize things like fruit. Play a hurry now! Operation: When you see something (fruits, etc.

Download HL Drawing Lite 1.0

HL Drawing Lite 1.0  1) The software has a painting and puzzle function. 2) gorgeous interface and simple. 3) Built over 300 kinds of pictures. Are free for users to piece together. 4) 36 kinds of brushes, adjustable thickness. 5) can send e-mail.

Download Sharpshooter Free!!! 1.2

Sharpshooter Free!!! 1.2  A adults and children are very fond of playing the game. To give you the hidden foot shot; let you feel the time to stimulate and speed. When you're bored when you can come back to play.