Freeware Programs:
Download Security Login 2.0

Security Login 2.0  This script allows you to protect your ASP pages with password access. You can secure your web pages access simply adding two lines of code and two asp files. The credentials are hard-coded, no need to store them into a database.

Download PrinterFriendly 2.0

PrinterFriendly 2.0  This code snippet shows how to implement a "printer friendly" version link for your pages. The "Printer Friendly" version select the main content of your page, removing the menu, header graphics, advertising and foot content.

Download WEB Calendar ASP 3.5

WEB Calendar ASP 3.5  This script provides you a database driven daily, weekly and montly event web or intranet calendar with event add, edit and delete. Add a dynamic events calendar to your website or intranet, manage and display daily, weekly or montly events.

Download PageNav 1.0

PageNav 1.0  This script provides you a function to easily navigate through pages. Navigate through pages with a nice interface, input values would normally be pulled from database recordset information.

Download dbList 8.1

dbList 8.1  This script provides you a database management grid with record edit, delete, add, search, filter and export to excel, database and table dropdown selection, pages navigation, field sort and search in page.

Download getFileName Function 1.0

getFileName Function 1.0  Given a file path either physical or virtual with this function you can obtain the file name or the file directory.

Download okEmail 1.0

okEmail 1.0  okEmail is an ASP function to check proper email input, following these rules: -minimum 8 characters in total... -check for illegal characters -need an "@" in the email but only one is allowed -at least one ".

Download ImageThumbs 3.5

ImageThumbs 3.5  This application let you show a nice thumbnail images presentation on your web pages, with autoresize. In the presentation each thumbnail image is downsized according to a configurable value.