Laine Lee




Freeware Programs: Laine Lee
Download Pillowtalk-Sky 2.5

Pillowtalk-Sky 2.5  System-wide Panther appearance theme.

Download DVD Imager 1.2

DVD Imager 1.2  Create burnable DVD video disk images. DVD Imager can be used to make a burnable DVD video image file from a DVD video disk that you have made using iDVD or other means.

Download Worksets 1.3

Worksets 1.3  Scripts help generate OS X workspace management scripts. Worksets is a set of scripts for generating scripts that can help manage work spaces on your Mac OS X 10.3 system.

Download Quick Uncache 1.0

Quick Uncache 1.0  Delete cached items in Jaguar. Quick Uncache can be used to delete cached items in Mac OS 10.2 (Jaguar). Quick Uncache will not run in previous versions of the Mac OS.

Download Custom Login Message 1.0

Custom Login Message 1.0  Edit the file. Custom Login Message is an Applescript Studio application that can be used to quickly edit the file in /Library/Preferences to add a custom message to the login panel in Mac OS X.

Download \Simple Find &amp\; Replace 1.2\

\Simple Find &amp\; Replace 1.2\  \Run search and replace operations. I often need to run search and replace operations on stored data for both renaming and editing file content.