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Download Smart Signs 1.2

Smart Signs 1.2  We are in 21'st century! If you want to display pair messages on 2 differnent devices at 2 different location , this app is for you! Have you ever wondered why there are 2 workers in construction zone? One holding stop sign and other one slow sign!

Download Build-A-Table 1.10

Build-A-Table 1.10  The best tables game! All Suduko lovers like this game! We all know that learning multiplication is an essential part of our child's elementary education.

Download School Bus Route 1.2

School Bus Route 1.2  There has been so many times, there was no visibility about bus. You don't know if bus left or you are late. Bus driver is the key person in making parents/kids life easier.

Download TriviaMania 1.4

TriviaMania 1.4  We are presenting E* trivias to you! E* stands for Education and Entertainment! There are lots of interesting questions and choices are provided. Few Trivia Questions are where you have to enter answer.

Download MatchBoost 1.16

MatchBoost 1.16  The Ultimate Memory/Match Game! Many times you think that you got the best Memory/brain! How do you find that out? We are providing tools to know that. It can be 3/5 minutes fun game in which you can earn points for correct match.

Download Lava Temple - Jeweled Rings 1.0

Lava Temple - Jeweled Rings 1.0  Diamonds are made of carbon atoms under a high temperature and pressure; they bond together to start growing crystals.

Download Sholay Connect 1.0

Sholay Connect 1.0  Sholay is the most famous Bollywood movie. Join FOUR characters of Sholay. While playing game it unlocks random other movie characters! Also you hear great funny dialogues while playing game!