Freeware Programs: Koo-Land
Download Sue's Cake Box 1.0.1

Sue's Cake Box 1.0.1  When game starts, click on the blank slots in the box according to the direction of the cakes, try to fill up the box as much as possible. Press left or right key will change the direction of the cakes.

Download Gem Swap 1.0.3

Gem Swap 1.0.3  Let's swap the gems. Aren't they charming? Yes, they are and very challenging as well. Finish levels in limited time to go to next level with more surprise. It's indeed not bad a game to kill time!

Download Acool Fishing Master 1.0.0

Acool Fishing Master 1.0.0  Fishing Master bertandingan Acool fishing with fishing nets, fishing as much as possible like a thirsty fishermen money for his family, only limited time, only at Herjuno free online games.

Download Sue's Pizza 1.0.1

Sue's Pizza 1.0.1  Description:Mmm, are these delicious smells coming from our kitchen? It smells like our favorite pizza! Sue must be cooking for us! She always knows how we like our pizzas and she cooks it the best!

Download Chicken Fingers Free 1.0.1

Chicken Fingers Free 1.0.1  Description :Guess what, chickens don't have fingers ! That easy recipe name comes from how you eat them!

Download Glittery Makeover 1.0.0

Glittery Makeover 1.0.0  A little glitter is enough to make you shine like stars! If you want glamour, I advise you to choose your make up kit wisely! I can give you some tips if you want! Come and see how I do my make-up!

Download Chocolate Chips Contest 1.0.1

Chocolate Chips Contest 1.0.1  Compete against your opponent to make chocolate chip cookies.Choose correct items to finish your cookie before your opponent does.Have fun!

Download Hello Kitty Find The New Objects 1.0.3

Hello Kitty Find The New Objects 1.0.3  Description :Enjoy this weekend with your favorite star 'Hello Kitty', Find all the new objects and complete the game. Earn score and Have fun.

Download Kids Maths Deluxe 1.0.3

Kids Maths Deluxe 1.0.3  The best kid-parent education game. The best home interactive software. The kids are going to learn maths, just join them! Let's learn maths together, to see whether you're a genius.

Download Beauty Spot 2 1.0.3

Beauty Spot 2 1.0.3  You can see that the Bera's family are very busy, there are two photographers who takes photoes for them everyday. There are 5 differences in the two photoes, can you find them within the time limit? It's not that hard to find, just start searching!

Download Backyard Alien Defense 1.0.0

Backyard Alien Defense 1.0.0  Defend your home at all costs from the various alien attackers using only your cannon in this great action shoot em up.

Download Dinosaur Forest Escape 1.0.0

Dinosaur Forest Escape 1.0.0  Description: A young couple wants to write an article about the life of tribal people so they headed into the dense forest to investigate. Unfortunately an angry dinosaur attacks them out of nowhere.