Freeware Programs: KIDware
Download Multiplication Facts v1.0c

Multiplication Facts v1.0c  helps children study and practice the basic times tables using digits zero through nine. The program lets you work with any digit(s) you choose. You can review times tables, see graphic representations of problems, and take speed drills.

Download Kid's Typing Skills v2.0a

Kid's Typing Skills v2.0a  allows you to learn typing and keyboarding skills. You can learn to know your keyboard, practice your knowledge of it, perform character and word drills, as well as timed drills.

Download Match Maker v1.0c

Match Maker v1.0c  is a concentration-type program that helps your child learn to identify and match letters, numbers, colors, shapes, objects, and animals.

Download Pizza Place v1.0a

Pizza Place v1.0a  is a children's game in which you are in charge of deliveries for the neighborhood pizza parlor. You get orders, decide how many pizzas to bake, and indicate to the delivery car where to go.

Download Holiday Word Search v1.0c

Holiday Word Search v1.0c  lets you print and solve word search puzzles using ten built-in holiday word lists you can edit.