Kazushi Oenoki




Freeware Programs: Kazushi Oenoki
Download HyperNavigation Control v1.5

HyperNavigation Control v1.5  is an ActiveX control that combines a file list box with a directory list box. The interface allows users to navigate through the files and folders as if they were hyperlinks, using single-click operations.

Download Pc Editor v2.51

Pc Editor v2.51  \is a simple, well-designed text editor for programmers. Pc Editor has a well-designed interface for editing any type of text file.

Download File Shredder (by Kazushi Oenoki) v3.02

File Shredder (by Kazushi Oenoki) v3.02  lets you split apart large files that can be re-combined by anyone, even if they don't have File Shredder installed. You can specify either how many pieces to split the file into, or how many kilobytes each piece should be.

Download AssistBar 99 v2.3

AssistBar 99 v2.3  \is a handy application-launching toolbar. AssistBar gives you quick and convenient access to your favorite shortcuts, applications, files and folders. AssistBar's interface resembles Internet Explorer's "Coolbars".