Freeware Programs: jupiterportal.com
Download Advanced ADs 1.0

Advanced ADs 1.0  This version is much improoved in the code as well as in its functionality. Long story short this is a Ads management hack, it allows you to easily manage ads move them from one block to the other enable and disable the blocks you need or dont need.

Download PayPal Donation Block 1.0

PayPal Donation Block 1.0  As the title suggests this is a paypal donation block that allows a user to send a donation in the following currencies US Dollar ,Euro ,Pounds Sterling ,Canadian Dollars ,Yen ,and Australian Dollar.

Download Admin Registration Approval 1.0

Admin Registration Approval 1.0  This hack will allow you to approve all user registrations before they can log in to your site (note: you can't use the email activation feature while this mod is installed

Download Lightbox for gallery and forum 1.0

Lightbox for gallery and forum 1.0  Lightbox Image Viewer is great for viewing images individually on the page, Lightbox supports a new "grouping" feature that lets you group related images on the page for easy browsing amongst them.

Download Mini-Lineage 1.0

Mini-Lineage 1.0  Hey folks, the 'Yes, i must have' option in the poll won and therefor this mod is downloadable. This game is merly an alpha version of what i have planned.... Enjoy.

Download Poll Mod 1.0

Poll Mod 1.0  Here's is a new hack, it's a poll modification, guest only show results of the poll and members can vote only once!

Download Template Changer 1.0

Template Changer 1.0  This little mod here, will allow a member to change the template themselves.

Download Alternative Admin View 1.0

Alternative Admin View 1.0  An alternative view for the admin panel, this hack will add icons to the admin panel Note: I don't know who originally created this mod so if you know tell me, and will put there name in the place of mine.

Download Memberlist Thumbnail View 1.0

Memberlist Thumbnail View 1.0  An alternative way to view the memberlist, it displays the avatar as well as the user's username below. You can also switch back to the original view using a link in the top bar, so this isn't a replacement memberlist, it's an addon.

Download Contact Us Form 1.0

Contact Us Form 1.0  With this module you will have a contact us form which has a list of addresses your users can select to send the mail to.

Download Stream/Download Module 1.0

Stream/Download Module 1.0  A download module that allows the administrator to upload the files to a server using http and display them on his website. This module also supports streaming MP3s.

Download Ads Blocks 1.0

Ads Blocks 1.0  Allows you to put adds on the left and right side of the site. This Version takes the code from the MySQL Table Ads>code so now you just have to put your code into the SQL Table.

Download Host Status Check 1.0

Host Status Check 1.0  This hack helps you provide some status information about a server just by adding a ip/domain name and a port. You can use it if you have a online game server to provide your users with it's status (online/offline).