Freeware Programs:
Download Joomla! Global Chinese Promotion Project 20081002

Joomla! Global Chinese Promotion Project 20081002  Joomla! Global Chinese Promotion Project Source

Download The AI Module 1.2

The AI Module 1.2  The flash interface is to be used with the Pandorabots engine.The back reply is formatted in XML. Installation - Use Joomla module install manager to do the install of The AI Module.

Download sh404SEF 1.3

sh404SEF 1.3  sh404SEF rewrites Joomla URL to a more user-friendly format for your site visitors, as well as for search engines. It makes use of plugins to process the various components used in a site.

Download Ravenswood Joomla Server

Ravenswood Joomla Server  Ravenswood Joomla Server (previously JoomlaLite) is a win32 web/mysql/ php server for Joomla! 1 .0. It provides a completely standalone environment for development, test and demonstration purposes.

Download EasyBot - Mambots Queen 1.0

EasyBot - Mambots Queen 1.0  EasyBot provides an easy to use interface to access Joomla mambots. EasyBot is originally designed for HS JoBots Collection. Joomla provides two ways to load mambots: loadBot or loadBotGroup.

Download PluginIE7 1.0

PluginIE7 1.0  PluginIE7 is a JavaScript library to make IE behave like a standards-compliant browser. It fixes many CSS issues and makes transparent PNG work correctly under IE5 and IE6.

Download Community Builder Birthday Module 1.0

Community Builder Birthday Module 1.0  The CbBirthday module shows upcoming birthdays for all Joomla! users with a 'Community Builder' listed birthday. The module is tightly integrated with 'Community Builder' and provides direct links to the userprofiles in 'Community Builder'.

Download JoomlaDesk 1.0

JoomlaDesk 1.0  JoomlaDesktop Installer is a free tool which will help you install Joomla in a more secure way, saving you time from corrupted installs!

Download Joomla! International Edition 1.0

Joomla! International Edition 1.0  Joomla! International Edition is presented by the team at The Joomla! Mongolia Project. The Joomla Mongoliaproject hopes to provide a full multi-language solution for Joomla administration with pluggable languagepacks.

Download Community Builder module 1.0

Community Builder module 1.0  Community Builder suite extends the Joomla! user management system.

Download Official Joomla! .12 Help Screen Dump File Pack 1.0

Official Joomla! .12 Help Screen Dump File Pack 1.0  This is the MySQL dump file pack recently released by the Joomla! User Documentation Team.

Download Azerbaijani 1.0

Azerbaijani 1.0  An azerbaijani translation of Joomla system v1.0.11 frontend.

Download Irish Language 1.0

Irish Language 1.0  Irish Language Translations for Joomla! Frontend translation of Joomla! 1.0.x series.

Download Portuguese (brazil) 1.0

Portuguese (brazil) 1.0  Portuguese (brazil) - brasilian language for joomla

Download Bengali India 1.0

Bengali India 1.0  IndicJoomla Bengali frontend language translation for Joomla! by the IndicJoomla Team, Additional Hack released to make the Day and Date displayed in Joomla! to be in Bengali India,.

Download Persian Language 1.0

Persian Language 1.0  Translate English Language of Joomla Portal 1.0.x to Farsi Language. Farsi Language is Iranian Language ( Persian ).

Download Devanagari/Hindi 1.0

Devanagari/Hindi 1.0  This language pack will enable Joomla to serve pages in UTF-8 compliant Indic text.

Download Joomla! Nederlands 1.0

Joomla! Nederlands 1.0  Joomla! Nederlands provides the Dutch Joomla! language files for the core and other extensions.

Download Chinese Simplified 1.0

Chinese Simplified 1.0  Chinese Simplified - Simplified Chinese Language Translation Project for Joomla!

Download GameQ for Joomla! 1.0

GameQ for Joomla! 1.0  For the administration end of this Joomla! component, there is a wide range of options for configuring and administering Sections, Categories, Pages of Game Servers and Error Messages.

Download TCC Projects 1.0

TCC Projects 1.0  TCC Projects are open source Joomla! based extensions written by Toowoomba City Council, such as the Community Information Directory, Joomla! Central Management Tools and the A-Z Content List.

Download HP Tools 1.0

HP Tools 1.0  The HP Tools Project provides small components, modules and plugins for Joomla!. The first release is amodule for the backend that implements a ToDo list.

Download Joom!Fish module 1.0

Joom!Fish module 1.0  The Joom!Fish project is the official add-on for managing multilingual content within the content management system Joomla!.

Download Translations Manager 1.0

Translations Manager 1.0  This is an utility component which helps with creating and managing Joomla 1.

Download mod_pcchess_yourmove 1.0

mod_pcchess_yourmove 1.0  A small and simple module for use with the Joomla! component pcchess. It shows the chess games for which it is the logged in user's turn to move. It also shows draw offers.

Download mosFEN chess diagrams 1.0

mosFEN chess diagrams 1.0  A simple plugin that searches content items and replaces the standard chess notation for positions, Forsyth- Edwards Notation (FEN), with a graphic representation.

Download Hockey League Component 1.0

Hockey League Component 1.0  A component to manage a hockey league. Manage 1 teams roster and their game stats, 1 league schedule, scores and standings.

Download Volleyball League Manager 1.0

Volleyball League Manager 1.0  This component is patterned after the com_league component from Mambo. I needed something to manage league data for a community volleyball league and had not found anything to meet our needs. So like many of us I decided to write one.

Download Battlefield 2: Leaderboard 1.0

Battlefield 2: Leaderboard 1.0  Full features list:* Battlefield 2 Stats (BF2 / SF / EF compatible): [ Leaderboard Data ] Global score, Combat score, Team score, Commander score, SPM (Score per minute), K:D (Kill to death ratio), Progress bar to next rank [ Player Data / day-per-da