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Freeware Programs: John Schilling
Download EarthquakeX 1.0

EarthquakeX 1.0  EarthquakeX is a port of an old prank/joke control panel for System 7 called Earthquake. When installed, your Macintosh will experience random earthquakes. This version is a bit different from the old one, but the principal is still the same.

Download Heart Monitor 1.1

Heart Monitor 1.1  Heart Monitor is a simple CPU monitor that displays a beating heart. Heart beats faster/slower depending on load average. Not nearly as many features as other CPU monitors, but silly nonetheless. What's New: Version 1.

Download BelchX 1.2

BelchX 1.2  BelchX is a port of an old System 7 extension for the Macintosh, called Belch. BelchX is an invisible application that will cause your Macintosh to have a case of indigestion: it lets out a nasty belch every once in a while.

Download Conan the Librarian X 1.0

Conan the Librarian X 1.0  Conan the Librarian X is a prank app where Conan tells you to shut up when the incoming sound on your built in microphone reaches certain levels. This is a port of a very, very old System 7 extension for the Macintosh.