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Freeware Programs: Johannes Wallroth
Download 1001 v1.2

1001 v1.2  \is a trump-based card game in which you must score over 1000 points. 1001 is an exciting and entertaining card game, usually played by three players, which now you can play against your PC.

Download Metronome Timer v1.2

Metronome Timer v1.2  is a timer program, developed for speed reading training. Metronome Timer counts up or down to a one hour maximum, with a customizable metronome tick, with which you can emphasize and vary the speed.

Download Test Screens v2.5

Test Screens v2.5  consists of eight test modes for your monitor. You can test the screen for sharpness, moirU, geometry, convergence, high voltage supply stability, brightness, color quality, and more.

Download Multi Timer v1.1

Multi Timer v1.1  features ten independent timers which allow you to count down to zero or up to 99 hours, 59 minutes, and 59 seconds. You can view the timers one by one or all at once, and include sound signals and blinking messages.

Download Password Generator (by Johannes Wallroth) v2.0

Password Generator (by Johannes Wallroth) v2.0  allows you to quickly generate passwords up to 20 characters in length. You can use various characters: uppercase and lowercase, digits, and a selection of user-defined special ones.

Download Ear Test 1.0

Ear Test 1.0  Ear Test is a small program that allows you to check what frequencies you can hear. The program is really simple: you have an interface where you can select to check either the left ear or the right. Then you can select volume and frequency. When

Download XML Adressbook 1.0

XML Adressbook 1.0  XML Address Book is a full-featured, easy-to-use address book application with all the essential features you really need and without any overhead. You can add any number of entries you like or import them from an Excel file

Download Dream Scroller 1.0

Dream Scroller 1.0  Dream Scroller is designed to scroll any number of text items in a draggable and resizable window on your desktop, in a horizontal or vertical direction. You can configure the font, text color (for every message separately), background color and

Download PacWorld 1.1

PacWorld 1.1  PacWorld is a reincarnation of the classic PacMan game developed by Midway and released in 1980. In this version, made by Johannes Wallroth, there has been an obvious graphical facelift