Jens Wahl




Freeware Programs: Jens Wahl
Download PRIMA Image Racer 1.01

PRIMA Image Racer 1.01  A little fast image viewer which you can use it on portable memories (usb stick, SDHC card) with a small area of functions.

Download PRIMA Little Image Viewer 1.05

PRIMA Little Image Viewer 1.05  A small picture viewing programme (Little Image-Viewer) with minimum functions and a special titbit - in audiofiles embedded pictures (e.g., with MP3 downloads of Amazon) can be indicated and be extracted from the audiofile.

Download PRIMA Knowledge & Information 1.2

PRIMA Knowledge & Information 1.2  Management of information & knowledge. Retrieve your stored information fast.

Download SIGAMOS 1.4

SIGAMOS 1.4  SIGAMOS consists of some DLLs which you can include into your programs with Office-Access. IGAMOS is an acronym for "Similar Gateway to Multiple Office-Systems" and let the users of your program decide which Office-System they want to use.