Freeware Programs: Jeff
Download SpeedStart 0.1

SpeedStart 0.1  Fixes the slow startup bug of Panther 10.3.2. SpeedStart is an AppleScript application that fixes the slow startup bug of Panther 10.3.2.

Download AIMM 1.5.1

AIMM 1.5.1  Chat-only instant messenger program. AIMM is a very simple chat application that allows you to connect to the Instant Messenger network and chat with others.

Download id3tag 2.0

id3tag 2.0  \Allows iTunes to handle Chinese mp3 tags. The display of Chinese characters in iTunes is always broken, especially after you have imported some mp3 files downloaded from internet.

Download Charged Spheres 1.1

Charged Spheres 1.1  Charged particles screensaver. Charged Spheres is a screen saver of charged particles in a 2-d arena. Many adjustable parameters.