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Download BlackJack Strategy - FREE 1.0

BlackJack Strategy - FREE 1.0  This application is aimed to give you an optimum BlackJack strategy to maximize your profits ; it give you the best strategy for all situations : - hard totals - soft totals - splits It also explain how to count cards

Download Drummer : a free drum kit 1.2

Drummer : a free drum kit 1.2  You can now practice drums for free with a realistic drum kit. Load and start playing instantly ! No settings or complicated option to set ! Features: * Play multiple drums simultaneously (even from several players !

Download Scream Box - FREE 1.1

Scream Box - FREE 1.1  Have fun with our free screams sounds machine featuring a large panel of different and scary screams sounds, such as: - Crazy screams - Children and baby screams - Monster screams - And many more !

Download US election 2012 countdown - FREE 1.1

US election 2012 countdown - FREE 1.1  Check how many days remain until the US 2012 presidential election, simply and quickly. An essential item for any person interested in politics. Time left until election day is displayed in years, months, days as well as total days.

Download Dragon Age Origins Guide - FREE 1.5

Dragon Age Origins Guide - FREE 1.5  A free guide/walkthrough to the game Dragon Age Origins for beginners as well as advanced players, giving you tons of information and giving you tips to boost your game level.

Download Bayonetta Cheats - FREE 1.0

Bayonetta Cheats - FREE 1.0  This app is a free complete walkthrough guide, aimed to give you some cheats to progress in Bayonneta. It works for PlayStation 3 and XBox 360. Learn how to achieve and unlock different modes and bonuses.

Download Flight Simulator Memo - FREE 1.0

Flight Simulator Memo - FREE 1.0  A free memo list of all the keys used in Flight Simulator. Keys are applicable to Flight Simulator X but most of them work in version 2004 as well. Keys are divided in sections (Navigation, lights, General, ) for an easy and quick lookup.