Freeware Programs: jasonbock.net
Download UriViewer 1.0

UriViewer 1.0  UriViewer is a small WinForms application that shows the properties of an ExtendedUri object (it extends Uri) via a PropertyGrid control. The ExtendedUri class has a QueryString property that has all of the name-value pairs in the query string.

Download Throwing Non-Exceptions 1.0

Throwing Non-Exceptions 1.0  This drop demonstrates how you can throw exceptions in .NET that do not derive from Exception and the ramifications of doing so.

Download SecureRandom 1.0.0

SecureRandom 1.0.0  This drop contains a class that combines the "easier" interface of Random with the security of RandomNumberGenerator. The implementation should be pretty self-explanatory - check out the tests for code samples.

Download Mock HttpContext 1.0

Mock HttpContext 1.0  This drop contains code written for .NET 1.1 and 2.0 to create a mocked HttpContext.

Download Extensible Compiler for .NET 1.0

Extensible Compiler for .NET 1.0  This is a framework that allows you to augment the compiler post-execution via FxCop rules. The ZIP file contains a Word doc that explains the architecture in more detail.

Download ExceptionViews 1.0

ExceptionViews 1.0  The ExceptionViews assembly contains a control that shows detailed information on exceptions. The ExceptionViews.Client assembly is a test project for ExceptionViews.

Download Dynamic Proxies 1.0

Dynamic Proxies 1.0  This is an assembly that allows you to make a dynamic proxy of an object whose class is non-sealed and non-abstract.

Download ConfigurationSectionNameFinder 1.0

ConfigurationSectionNameFinder 1.0  This drop contains code to make it easier to find custom section handlers. Rather than having to remember a well-known section name, all you have to do is provide the type of the custom configuration section handler.

Download Code - FileGenerator 1.0

Code - FileGenerator 1.0  This is an add-in for Reflector. It generates source code in the current selected language. It can also structure the code to be in one directory or in a directory hierarchy based on the full class name.