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Date Added: 11 January, 2013
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Author: jamon

Jamon is a text template engine for Java, useful for generating dynamic HTML, XML, or any text-based content.In a typical Model-View-Controller architecture, Jamon clearly is aimed at the View (or presentation) layer.



Jamon is a text template engine for Java, useful for generating dynamic HTML, XML, or any text-based content.In a typical Model-View-Controller architecture, Jamon clearly is aimed at the View (or presentation) layer. Because it is compiled to non-reflective Java code, and statically type-checked, Jamon is ideally suited to support refactoring of template-based UI applications. Using mock objects -like functionality, Jamon also facilitates unit testing of the controller and view.Features: - Jamon has a rich feature set to support encapsulation, parameterization, functional decomposition, and reuse of presentation logic. - Since rendering logic may be arbitrarily complicated (e.g. rendering hierarchical data such as a recursive directory structure), this logic needs to be expressable in a Turing-complete language. Rather than invent yet another language, use Java itself inside the presentation framework. Jamon helps keep the rendering logic in the presentation layer technology. - Jamon templates declare the arguments required for rendering. This provides a well-defined contract between the presentation layer and the application. - Jamon allows passing arbitrary objects between templates (only Tea seems to provide this capability). Jamon templates can pass arbitrary dynamic content (i.e. template fragments) as parameters to other templates. (In fact, Jamon allows passing parameterized fragments, i.e. templates can be "higher-order".) - Templates are compiled into Java and then into bytecode, and are referred to in application code just like any other Java class. See the overview for a simple but complete working example. - Templates are translated into Java classes with public methods whose signatures reflect the arguments declared in the templates. This provides compile-time type-checking as well as excellent performance. - During development, changes to template sources at runtime trigger dynamic retranslation and recompilation of the templates. This dynamic recompilation can be turned off for production deployment. - Jamon is general-use in the sense that it can produce any arbitrary text output format (for contrast, Enhydra XMLC and Zope are tied to HTML or XML). Consider "views" such as generating text and / or multipart MIME email, or program source code.

Operating Systems:  Java, Windows, Linux, BSD, Solaris, Mac OS, Java - Win/Linux

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