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Freeware Programs: Intel Corporation
Download Intel Processor Frequency ID v2.55

Intel Processor Frequency ID v2.55  allows you to identify and in some cases determine if your Intel processor is operating at the correct and rated frequency intended by Intel.

Download Intel Ultra ATA Storage Driver v6.03

Intel Ultra ATA Storage Driver v6.03  enables automatic and fast Ultra ATA transfers for various ATA (AT Attachment) and ATAPI (AT Attachment Packet Interface) mass storage devices, such as hard disks and CD-ROM drives.

Download Intel Power Monitor v3.1

Intel Power Monitor v3.1  is a tool for notebook users that shows which software programs are using the most power. This can help you extend the length of time between recharging.

Download SS4200 Utility 1.0

SS4200 Utility 1.0  If you copy an Office 2007 document file to a shared folder on the SS4200-E. Then use the web tools (via Internet Explorer) to access the shared folder that contains the Office document file

Download Intel (R) Turbo Memory Driver 1.1

Intel (R) Turbo Memory Driver 1.1  It is a driver for IntelĀ® Turbo Memory, a PC component that caches large amounts of frequently used data for faster access by the processor. For correct driver work the system must be 1 of the following systems, and have the correct version of

Download Spy for MegaIDE 7.3

Spy for MegaIDE 7.3  Spy for megaIDE free (RAID Management) Utility developed by Intel Corporation. Spy for MegaIDE contains the Serial ATA RAID Monitoring utility for Windows. Spy for MegaIDE is a free and easy to install raid management utility developed by Intel

Download LANDesk Client Manager 6.3

LANDesk Client Manager 6.3  Client Manager can display information about the hardware and software components on your computer. You can access inventory with these methods: View all inventory data, Export all inventory data

Download Video Gross Error Detector 0.3

Video Gross Error Detector 0.3  The Video Gross Error Detection methodology is designed to provide a platform independent, automated way to measure content delivery and quantify the video playback experience. GED operates directly on the video file itself, instrumenting each

Download Dolby Control Center 2.2

Dolby Control Center 2.2  Dolby Control Center is a user-friendly interface to configure and control enhanced Dolby Listening Experience. Features: - Interactive surround sound controls make fine tuning easy - Visually displays the active speakers - Designed for

Download Mobile Scenarios for K12 1.0

Mobile Scenarios for K12 1.0  Mobile devices are becoming more prevelant in the K12 classroom. Read stories, spanning grade levels and subject areas, that can inspire you to integrate new technologies into your classroom, improving teaching and learning.

Download Intel Capital Global Summit 1.3

Intel Capital Global Summit 1.3  Welcome to the Intel Capital Global Summit Application! This App will enable you, the event attendee, to start your networking now with other registered attendees, even when you are away from your desk.

Download Intel Technology Provider 1.2

Intel Technology Provider 1.2  Find an Intel Platinum Partner at your fingertips and on the go with the Intel Technology Provider iPhone application. Local Solutions. Trusted Technology.

Download Intel Developer Forum IDF13 1.0

Intel Developer Forum IDF13 1.0  IDF is the leading forum for anyone using IntelA Architecture or IntelA technologies. And this year, it's more technical than ever.