InstallJammer 1.2.6b2

License: Freeware
Date Added: 30 April, 2013
Category: Scripts / Others
Author: installjammer

InstallJammer is a multiplatform GUI installer designed to be completely cross-platform and function on Windows and most all versions of UNIX with support for MacOS X coming soon.



InstallJammer is a multiplatform GUI installer designed to be completely cross-platform and function on Windows and most all versions of UNIX with support for MacOS X coming soon.Features:- Rapid Development - InstallJammer includes a very powerful install builder for building your installs that lets you take control of everything in your installer, but with a very shallow learning curve, you can have an installer up and running in just minutes! - Customization - InstallJammer will let you customize your installs any way you like both in its look-and-feel and its functionality. - Multiplatform Support - InstallJammer installers are native binaries that can run on Windows 98, ME, 2000, XP, 2003, Vista, 2008, Linux, FreeBSD, Solaris, HP-UX and AIX with more platforms added whenever possible.  If we don't support your platform, you can download the source code and build the platform yourself! - Multi-language Support - InstallJammer supports multiple languages in installers with ease.  Many translations already exist, and more are added with each release. - Fast Installers - InstallJammer installers are built to be fast and light.  They startup and get your users installing faster because they don't require the extra step or disk space to extract temporary files before starting. - Lightweight Installers - InstallJammer installers are built to be lightweight with no real external dependencies.  You shouldn't have to lug around the entire Java runtime just to install your software.  Distribute your software with the confidence of knowing that it will run on any platform your customers throw it at. - Custom Actions - InstallJammer includes a wide variety of built-in actions to do the most common tasks.  Twiddle the Windows registry, install an RPM on Linux systems, install shortcuts everywhere, or locate the correct Java runtime for your software, all from the built-in actions.  And, if you don't find an action that does what you want, you can write or script your own! - Simple Project Files - InstallJammer project files are simple, plain text that can easily be stored in source control systems and quickly compared for differences when collaborating with other developers. - Multiple User Interface Options - InstallJammer can run in a Standard, Default, Console or Silent install mode depending on what the user chooses.  Default will accept all of your build settings at default while still providing a GUI installation, and Silent will install without a GUI and without the need for interaction from the user.  Console allows your user to install on a UNIX system from a console window without a GUI.  And best of all, InstallJammer will choose the best option for you! - Dialog Editing - InstallJammer lets you customize every pane of your install, right down to the code that created it.  You can literally make your installer look any way you want. - Command Line Control - InstallJammer projects can be built and tested from the command-line, providing easy integration with current build environments and scheduled build configurations.  Any supported platform can be built from any other platform.  Setup a single build machine that builds all of the installers for your company regardless of their target platform. - Theme Control - InstallJammer allows you to choose from different themes for your installers with the inclusion of default themes that resemble popular, commercial installers.  You can even create your own themes and use them for all of your installers! - Native Look-and-Feel - InstallJammer installers provide native-looking installers for all of the supported platforms. - Uninstall Capabilities - InstallJammer will automatically create an uninstaller during installation if you choose.

Operating Systems:  C/C++, Windows, Linux, BSD, Solaris, Mac OS

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