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Download SpiroMath 4.0

SpiroMath 4.0  SpiroMath is a "24 Game"-like program. In SpiroMath, you use multiplication, addition, division and subtraction to reach a target value. If you get stuck, click Hint to get up to three hints

Download SymmeToy 6.0

SymmeToy 6.0  SymmeToy is a program for creating paint patterns, symmetry roses, tessellated art and symmetrically decorated 3D polyhedron models. The program is easy to learn, fun to use and includes extensive online help

Download Symmetoy2 1.0

Symmetoy2 1.0  Symmetoy2 is a symmetric art program.The original SymmeToy is still available online and is more elaborate than Symmetoy2, which is not meant as a replacement. Although very simple in concept, you can use the program to create many different kinds