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Download Problem Oriented Records - Tobis Paperless Office 1.7

Problem Oriented Records - Tobis Paperless Office 1.7  RECORDS is a FREE, multi-user, problem oriented, database and word processing report writer, optimized for data entry using voice recognition, and designed for medical care.

Download CFSpellCheck b2

CFSpellCheck b2  Spell Check engine for ColdFusion

Download Cylindrical BLAST Viewer 1.0

Cylindrical BLAST Viewer 1.0  3D viewer which arranges BLAST hits and other bioinformatics-related alignments in a rotating, cylindrical display. Feedback appreciated


 DOCUMENTOR is a FREE, multi-user, paperless office system for a profession, or small business. It mimics a typical file cabinet, with sectioned file folders, to organize, search, and retrieve files of any type

Download BATSRC 1.0

BATSRC 1.0  BATSRC is a high-speed source code/comments line counter for C, C++, and MASM source code

Download Easyriders 2003 Custom Motorcycle Show 1.0

Easyriders 2003 Custom Motorcycle Show 1.0  Photographic screen saver of custom motorcycles from the 2003 Easyriders motorcycle show Kansas City,

Download Ultimate Startup Manager 1. 4. 2005

Ultimate Startup Manager 1. 4. 2005  Take total control over everything that starts during your Windows startup

Download Console Palette Changer 1.4

Console Palette Changer 1.4  Change the color palette for any or all of the standard DOS colors

Download DerBar 1.6

DerBar 1.6  DerBar is a simple, slightly-configurable status bar for monitoring key system and network

Download BATDump 1.0

BATDump 1.0  BATDump is a multi-lingual hex dump/modifier utility program

Download UNIScan 1.0

UNIScan 1.0  UniScan is a simple to use TrueType font analyzer, character map, and Unicode text

Download Waztree III 1.10

Waztree III 1.10  Waztree III file manager is similar to your operating system file manager with a twist. It has two modes, Single drive path view with tabs to depict drives and and traditional view with all drives in path view

Download BATKU 2.0

BATKU 2.0  BATKU is the world?s fastest PC-based SUDOKU

Download BATSlot 1.0

BATSlot 1.0  BATSlot is a realistic slot machine game for Window?s based systems

Download PictureBarf 0.4

PictureBarf 0.4  Quickly and simply resize images for easy online distribution

Download Descrabblizer 2. 1. 2000

Descrabblizer 2. 1. 2000  This program unscrambles letters, words and phrases from any given length to create words. It lists your search results and you can export your results to a text file for later viewing

Download WinaGrams 1.3

WinaGrams 1.3  WinaGrams is a simple Windows anagram generator. It is a Windows wrapper around the open-source console-based anagram program created and distributed by Martin Guy (a Grimy Nut)

Download GolfHandicap 2.0

GolfHandicap 2.0  GolfHandicap is a tool you can use to compute your USGA Handicap. It is friendly for both 18 hole rounds and 9 hole rounds