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"Hippocrates App follows the major principle of Hipocrates a the philosopher a that is, the medical knowledge diffusion, in a honest and unpretentious manner".



"Hippocrates App follows the major principle of Hipocrates a the philosopher a that is, the medical knowledge diffusion, in a honest and unpretentious manner".

Hippocrates App is a tool developed with the support and expertise of doctors, aiming to unite the medical community around the world, their patients and other health care professionals.
The philosophy of Hippocrates App is based on the principle of spreading medical knowledge, enabling global sharing of experience and learning among different communities of healthcare around the world.
Doctors and patients become closer and can interact in a simple, fast and objective, with extreme security.
New discoveries in medicine are widespread in a quick and accessible way, contributing to medical developments globally.

Hippocrates is divided in two views:

The doctor or health care professional can create your group or join existing groups in other regions of the world.
Groups can be originated from clinics, hospitals, health centers and so on. Within these groups, the doctor enrolls his patients and all their information. From that time, has access to this information on the palm of the hand, and anywhere in the world.
The doctor may share information online with other doctors even out of your health care. IT means that the medical community can interact very quickly on various subjects, such as: - pandemics, requests for professional help in various situations, exposure of clinical cases in a simple and fast way.

Nurses, physiotherapists, psychologists and other health professionals, they can use this App to interact with their medical staff and their patients with efficiency and practicality.

The patient can create groups of diseases/syndromes, or join groups already created in the world in order to exchange information, ask questions, receive guidance or opinion of doctors and specialists to better conduct their treatments.
Within your group of diseases/syndromes the patient can send text messages with pictures to groups of doctors or hospitals anywhere in the world, requesting assistance or opinion regarding your case history.
Patient can also create chat conversations with other patients who participate in their group, with the objective to discuss and exchange experiences related to their clinical cases or treatments.


? Patient register having automatic search for International Classification of Diseases (ICD);
? Medical records;
? Clinical Evolution report, showing the patient incoming Day Hospital Stay(DHS);
? Requests for examinations and therapy;
? Medical management (prescription drugs reviews and especially the day of the antibiotic);
? Exams images (it is possible to save the images from X-rays, CT scans, surgeries, medical exams, etc.)
? Red label indicator, warning for allergic patients ;
? Possibility to take part in Chats;
? Sharing of experience regarding clinical cases;
? Debate creation with other doctors to discuss specific subjects;
? Assisting patients anywhere in the world, sharing scientific experience from doctors and health professionals for specific diseases/syndromes, clinical and surgical techniques;
? Facilitates monitoring and supervision of medical homes, among bosses, mentors, assistants, residents and other professionals involved, where all of the service will be sharing online all inpatients;
? Request a medical opinion of doctors or hospitals around the world;
? Discuss with other patients on the diseases/syndromes;
? Calculating BMI.

Hippocrates has some auxiliary tables: BMI, ICD, ASA, Goldman, Calorie, Glasgow, Immunization Schedule, Fracture Classification and others.

System Requirements:  Requires iOS 7.0 or later. Compatible with iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch. This app is optimized for iPhone 5.

Operating Systems:  iOS, iPhone

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