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Freeware Programs: Hello IT
Download TinyOhmTool 1.0.2

TinyOhmTool 1.0.2  This app allows you to easily calculate the E-Series resistor color code from given Ohm values and vice versa. TinyOhmTool knows about valid E-Series values for resistors and shows notices if you enter invalid codes or values.

Download KOUYOU 1.5.1

KOUYOU 1.5.1  KOUYOU is a poetic augmented reality app that allows people to write notes on Japanese maple leaves and blow these across the globe. The Explore mode lets you collect the leaves around you. In Map mode you can browse messages on a world map.

Download Morphing Free 1.1

Morphing Free 1.1  Morphing is a new and innovative application that allows you to blend two images together. A unique feature within Morphing is the ability to blend image color and shape separatly from each other.

Download AsciiArtist Free 1.0

AsciiArtist Free 1.0  AsciiArtist is your choice to turn your favorite images into stunning text versions of themselves. Convert your photos to original ascii art or apply another cool text filter that creates results you will be surprised of.