Freeware Programs: Havos
Download Criss Cross Puzzle 1.1

Criss Cross Puzzle 1.1  Fit numbers or pictures into the game grid. A fun puzzle game with easy rules. It means you can start playing immediately. Use your skill to find the correct place for each sequence of numbers or pictures.

Download Crossword Solver Free Version 3.2.1

Crossword Solver Free Version 3.2.1  "Crossword Solver" helps find the solutions for crosswords and other similar games. The application uses the letters you already know to find a list of possible answers.

Download Word Attack Free 2.0

Word Attack Free 2.0  Word Attack is a highly entertaining game where the idea is to make words on a grid. It differs from many word games in that speed, agility, and quick thinking are just as important as a good head for words.

Download Codeword Unlimited Free 3.4

Codeword Unlimited Free 3.4  Codeword Unlimited is an application to play the popular word game known as Codeword (also known as Cipher crosswords) For those unfamiliar with Codeword puzzles, they provide a grid of words, similar to a normal crossword, but with no cl