Freeware Programs: Gigabyte
Download Cloud OC 1.0

Cloud OC 1.0  Cloud OC is an entirely new application that allows you to overclock your system via LAN, wireless LAN or Bluetooth with any Internet browser capable device. Cloud OC's many functions are categorized into three tabs: Tuner, System Info and Control

Download 3TB+Unlock 1.0

3TB+Unlock 1.0  GIGABYTE 3TB+ Unlock optimizes HDD storage space by allowing the user to create a virtual drive with space that exceeds 2048GB, the maximum amount of storage recognized by 32bit versions of operating systems such as Windows XP

Download TouchBIOS 11.1

TouchBIOS 11.1  TouchBIOS is a powerful application that gives you great control over BIOS. The application is very easy-to-use due to its simple interface. TouchBIOS is supported on GIGABYTE Z68 / P67 / H67 / H61 series motherboards (support may vary by model)

Download AppPark 1.0

AppPark 1.0  AppPark is a useful tool that offers you the possibility to access and manage your most often used applications from a single, great looking interface. AppPark can help you access media programs, games, office software, social networking and

Download GIGABYTE OC Guru 1.3

GIGABYTE OC Guru 1.3  GIGABYTE OC Guru is an application designed in order to provide you with a simple means of overclocking your video card. The OC GURU is combined with Adjust area and Information area. The Adjust area has 3 pages: OC page, Gaming page and Green

Download Easy Tune 6 11.0

Easy Tune 6 11.0  This piece of software helps you overclock you computer. Overclocking is a process that can help you improve the performance of your computer. But you need to be careful, since this process comes with certain risks

Download Dynamic Energy Saver 4.6

Dynamic Energy Saver 4.6  GIGABYTE Dynamic Energy Saver incorporates a host of intelligent features that use a proprietary hardware and software design to considerably enhance PC system energy efficiency, reduce power consumption and deliver optimized auto-phase-switching for

Download GIGABYTE Gamer HUD 1.0

GIGABYTE Gamer HUD 1.0  GIGABYTE's Gamer HUD is one part of GIGABYTE's newest Gamer Rig Avatar* named Avatar Angel, granting operatives a wide range of enhanced abilities