GetURL PHP 2.1b

License: Freeware
Date Added: 25 April, 2013
Category: Scripts / Networking Tools
Author: gurl

GetURL, or GURL is a HTTP proxy coded in PHP and released under GPL. The idea is quite simple really. Normally, when you make a HTTP request, it goes from your computer straight to the internet.



GetURL, or GURL is a HTTP proxy coded in PHP and released under GPL. The idea is quite simple really. Normally, when you make a HTTP request, it goes from your computer straight to the internet. When you use a HTTP proxy, such a GURL, you add another step to the process. Your computer makes a HTTP request for GURL. Along with the request, you computer passes on the URL of the site you really want to visit. When GURL receives your request, it makes it's own request for the URL you gave it. Assuming the URL was valid, GURL will receive a response from it's HTTP request. When it does, it will reply to your original request. GURL is a server-side script. This means it runs on a server outside of your computer, and this server will probably have a much better connection to the internet than you do. So let GURL download the website for you and then you, essentially, download the website from the server hosting GURL, which, presumably, will be much faster than connecting directly to the original website. The downfall to this is that if you don't own the server that's hosting the GURL script, the administrators may get a little upset because scripts like this basically abuse their bandwidth.Features: - Automatic replacement of href, src, and background attributes of HTML code to point HTTP requests back to GURL. In other words, when you click a link in the document that you are viewing with GURL, the page will automatically be routed through GURL. Images will also load through GURL. - URL scrambling - Full page scrambling with client-side descrambling done with Javascript - Options to remove all identifiable characteristics from the script. In other words, with these options enabled, you will never see "GURL", my name, or other identifiable characteristics displayed or in any of the text returned by GURL. See below for instructions on how to enable these options. - Password protection for the script

Operating Systems:  PHP, Windows, Linux, BSD, Solaris, Mac OS

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