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Download Short Bus Rampage 1.0

Short Bus Rampage 1.0  Tired of being ridiculed by the other students, you and the rest of the Special Ed class have taken control of the bus and are out for revenge. Run over all the students and get to the end zone before the cops get to the area.

Download Design a Cereal Box 1.1

Design a Cereal Box 1.1  \Did you know that Americans eat so much cereal each year that a chain of empty boxes would stretch all the way to the moon and back? Cereal is big business and cereal makers work hard to sell it. Now it's your turn.

Download Lava Lamp

Lava Lamp  Displays a mathmos like Lava lamp on your desktop. Displays a mathmos like Lava lamp on your desktop. It sits on top of your desktop and can be displayed in seven different colours.

Download Armadillo Knight 1.01

Armadillo Knight 1.01  Run around with your sword killing everything in your way. Try to beat the levels and rescue the dansel in distress. There are lots of different enemies so be careful.

Download Snipers 1.0

Snipers 1.0  \Clear away behind the enemy line and shoot the maximum number of terrorists. Don't kill the hostages and heal yourself with the first aid kits. There are four completely different stages and an unlimited number of variations within each stage.

Download 3D Othello 1.0

3D Othello 1.0  \The object of the game is to have the majority of your color discs on the board at the end of the game. Black always moves first.

Download Bugs and Cecil in Mad Dash 1.0

Bugs and Cecil in Mad Dash 1.0  Bugs Buny has once again challenged Cecil Turtle to a race! Bugs thinks he is so fast he can beat Cecil and complete a hurdle course at the same time. You must jump over enough hurdles and beat Cecil to the finish line to advance to the next race.

Download Happy Pill 1.0

Happy Pill 1.0  Why should only doctors get to spread all the joy? Place the happy pill to bounce un-healthy frowns upside down. Click to place the pill. Then choose a direction and click to fire. But be careful, hitting a head 3 times is over- medicating.

Download \Lilo &amp\; Stitch Surf Adventure\ 1.01

\Lilo &amp\; Stitch Surf Adventure\ 1.01  Lilo and Stitch Surf Adventure is completely FREE and fun for everyone. This is a very simple game. Try to keep your surfer (either Lilo or Stitch) on the waves as long as possible. It is so simple and fun that you will play for hours.

Download Party Dress Game 1.0

Party Dress Game 1.0  \Make a pretty dress for Kelly. Click on a decoration, then click where you want to put it. Click on a balloon to change the color of Kelly's dress. Click "Done&quot\; to see her dress. If you like, you can even print your design.

Download Splash Back 1.0

Splash Back 1.0  Object of this fun puzzle game is to get all of the blobs off the screen by pumping certain ones up and taking the rest out. You start with 10 drops in your tank. Use your mouse to click on the blobs so that they grow until they burst.

Download Clean It Up 1.0

Clean It Up 1.0  \Clean It Up (the board that is!!) The tile that you click will not be affected but its neighbors will be inverted. Press F12 to undo. Press"i&quot\; for information. Click anywhere to play. This game is very addictive.

Download Double Connect 1.0

Double Connect 1.0  Match balls of the same color as quickly as possible. Balls can be matched only if they can be connected with a line which turns no more than twice. The faster you connect the balls, the higher your score. Good Luck!

Download Ultra Block 1.0

Ultra Block 1.0  \Click on groups of 3 or more blocks to eliminate them You get 50 points plus the number of blocks you destroyed times 20, so go for big combos! Clicking on a block that doesn't have at least two like-colored neighbors makes a skeleton.

Download Ace Racer 1.0

Ace Racer 1.0  You have been invited to participate in the Extreme Jet Ski Tournament. You have to compete in three rounds in different locations. Gather the minimum points for each round to qualify for the next round.

Download Disc Golf 1.0

Disc Golf 1.0  The object of Disc Golf is to throw your frisbee into the basket in the least amount of strokes possible. You get to choose your throwing method, disc and power level. You must position your player for your disc to fly toward the target.

Download Lightning Break 1.01

Lightning Break 1.01  This billiards game is based on Snooker. Each level has an objective you must complete in the time allowed. Pot red and coulor balls alternatively to make a break.

Download Startie

Startie  STARTIE ist ein kleiner, lustig animierter Seestern, der Sie auf Ihrem Desktop in stnndige Urlaubsstimmung versetzen wird. Und wenn Sie dann das Fernweh packt, hnlt STARTIE sofort die passenden Last-Minute-Reisen bereit! Seestern...

Download Paula

Paula  mulifunktionales Desktoptool. Paula hnlt fRr euch Post-it Notizen, einen Weckruf und Biergartenwetter bereit. multifunktionales Desktop-Tool. Paula hnlt fRr euch Post-it Notizen, einen Weckruf und Biergartenwetter bereit.

Download \Garfield's Dingle Ball\ 1.11

\Garfield's Dingle Ball\ 1.11  \It's Odie's task to catch the Dingle Ball. Click on Odie to make him jump. Hold down the mouse button to make him jump higher. How many Dingle Balls can you catch? It's Odie's task to catch the Dingle Ball.

Download Mumm iBoard

Mumm iBoard  \Eines der beliebten Desktoptools von German IT Development. Mit Geburtstagsmanager, Tageshoroskop, Desktop-Notizzettel, Puzzlespiel und MummInfoBoard Zusammen mit unserem Partner der BEP Werbeagentur haben wir ein weiteres iBoard ver?ffentlicht.

Download 3D Lake Aquarium Screensaver 1.11

3D Lake Aquarium Screensaver 1.11  This screensaver looks as if there was a glass window in your favorite lake. Bass, trout and more can be seen swimming as the light reflects off their bodies. You get an extremely realistic lake aquarium. This screensaver includes mutable music.

Download Electric Velocity Screensaver 1.0

Electric Velocity Screensaver 1.0  This screensaver shows an explosion of electrical balls. The balls constantly move toward you as they display the many colored electrical impulses that you would expect. This fully animated screensaver includes mutable music and adjustable speed.

Download Moonlight Dancing Penguins Screensaver 1.31

Moonlight Dancing Penguins Screensaver 1.31  \What could be more entertaining than dancing penguins? See a horde of penguins all dancing in the moonlight amid gently falling snow. They dance to the mutable music "Winter Wonderland".

Download Horseshoe Brink Screensaver 1.0

Horseshoe Brink Screensaver 1.0  This is a closeup view on the brink of beautiful Horseshoe Falls. This exquisite view of the famous Niagara Falls shows all its splender and majesty. This fully animated screensaver includes mutable music and adjustable speed settings.

Download Growing Vine Screensaver 1.0

Growing Vine Screensaver 1.0  A continually growing vine-like, leafy plant, twisting and turning across the screen. It grows new stems from older stems on a random and continuous basis. Where will it grow, nobody knows!

Download Tornado Alley Screensaver 1.0

Tornado Alley Screensaver 1.0  \A tornado is bearing down on a isolated farm. The winds are swirling and the farm's pond is rippling. It makes you think of Kansas in the "Wizard of Oz". This fully animated screensaver has adjustable speed and mutable sound.

Download House Fire Screensaver 2.0

House Fire Screensaver 2.0  \This screen saver is exactly what it sounds like. It shows a continuously burning house. It's curious but the house never burns down. It includes mutable sounds. This screen saver is exactly what it sounds like.

Download Dancing Baby Screensaver 2.11

Dancing Baby Screensaver 2.11  \The original "Dancing Baby&quot\; was the screensaver that got the "Baby Craze&quot\; started. The original "Dancing Baby&quot\; was the screensaver that got the "Baby Craze&quot\; started.

Download \Cheney's Got a Gun Screensaver\ 1.0

\Cheney's Got a Gun Screensaver\ 1.0  \Don't let your kids go hunting with the Vice President. I don't care what kind of lucrative contracts they're trying to land or energy regulations they're trying to get lifted. He'll shoot them in the face.