Freeware Programs: ftls.org
Download WAccess 1.1

WAccess 1.1  WAccess is a is a very simple system Access manager.You can define Guest account or Administrator account. For each, you define login and password, users can change password, and administrator can add / remove users.

Download Simple Protect 1.0

Simple Protect 1.0  Simple Protect script check login / password before authorize a visitor to see a page.

Download Analogic clock 1.0

Analogic clock 1.0  Analogic clock script displays a image of a analogic clock on your Web page.

Download International Text Date 1.0

International Text Date 1.0  International Text Date script displays date into selected language in your web site.

Download Calendar ScriptPerl 1.01

Calendar ScriptPerl 1.01  Calendar is a simple script to display a calendar on your Web page. You can use this Script as SSI (Server Side Include).

Download e Web Log Analyzer 0.1

e Web Log Analyzer 0.1  e Web Log Analyzer (eWLA) is a web server log file analysis program which produces detailed usage statistics. It has responses in graphical and tabular form. Requirements: · GD Lib (maximum version of 1.7x, not 1.

Download Access clicks Counter 1.0

Access clicks Counter 1.0  Features: - password protected - admin area - no database required

Download Random Image Displayer Script 1.0

Random Image Displayer Script 1.0  Random Image Displayer is a simple script to display a Random image or background on your Web page.

Download WWWAdverts 1.5

WWWAdverts 1.5  WWWAdverts is a system for maintaining a set of random banner ads display. Banners are displayed on your pages with SSI or PHP calls.

Download Random Text Displayer 1.0

Random Text Displayer 1.0  Random Text Displayer is a simple script to display a Random Text on your web page.

Download PHP Form2Text 1.0

PHP Form2Text 1.0  PHP Form2Text is a script that allows your website visitors to send the content of a form to a textfile.

Download Random Link Script 1.0

Random Link Script 1.0  Random Links is a simple script to change location for each click.

Download eRecommend Site 1.1

eRecommend Site 1.1  eRS (eRecommend Site) allows visitors to send (Recommend) an e-mail message about your site to friends simply by entering the email address (and name optional).

Download MTG PHP 1.0

MTG PHP 1.0  MTG (mtg.php) generates HTML META tags suitable for inclusion in your HTML document.

Download PHP Poll 1.0

PHP Poll 1.0      PHP Poll is a 1 question sondage system for your web site.