Freeware Programs:
Download AutoMessage 1.0

AutoMessage 1.0  Automessage is a plugin/add-in for Windows Live Messenger/MSN Messenger. When you?re e

Download MyPhotoIcon 1.2

MyPhotoIcon 1.2  MyPhotoIcon is a utility to easily create photo icons for use as one?s display picture in MSN Messenger, Yahoo Messenger and the Windows XP welcome

Download Cool Picture Mailer! 1.0

Cool Picture Mailer! 1.0  Easily tweak and e-mail pictures to your friends and family members. Simply import your files into the application and flip or rotate them with a single mouse-click

Download Video Vistas 1.0

Video Vistas 1.0  Video Vistas is a revolutionary new platform for the delivery of online video. Users can view and share video content and photos directly in their browser heads

Download SpyCQ 1.6c

SpyCQ 1.6c  SpyCQ is the only program in a world, that allows the official ICQ client users to know who is reading their away status messages! Until now, this was only available via 3rd-party ICQ clients, but now anymore! With SpyCQ you know who seeks

Download Webcams Watcher 2.0.1

Webcams Watcher 2.0.1  Webcams Watcher is powerful easy-to-use webcams viewer which allows viewing static webcams from all over the world

Download Alarm Me 3.4

Alarm Me 3.4  A powerful reminder tool with diary, address book, timer, shut down feature and

Download Advanced Function Library 2.0

Advanced Function Library 2.0  An open source dynamic link library housing 1000+ subs, functions and properties spread throughout 50+ classes that can be easily integrated into your visual basic and visual basic

Download 3DRotationMenu 1.0

3DRotationMenu 1.0  Menu with 3D panels items. When an item is selected, the 3D page opens and expands

Download Pankajs Retirement Scheduler 1.0

Pankajs Retirement Scheduler 1.0  Retirement Scheduler is a small utility software with big features

Download wSHDCOM 0.99.07

wSHDCOM 0.99.07  wSHDCOM is a program for debugging serial communications. It givesyou possibility to send data via serial line and receive it. All of this datais displayed as live hex dump view

Download HijackReader 1.0.3 Beta

HijackReader 1.0.3 Beta  HijackReader is a free application which reads HijackThis log files and tries to give advice on what to fix

Download Web Keeper 1.0

Web Keeper 1.0  WebKeeper a useful application for server administrators as it supervises uploaded files or any modifications made by users

Download Xyzzy 1.0

Xyzzy 1.0  Xyzzy is a pronounceable password generator

Download Winpooch 0.6.6

Winpooch 0.6.6  Winpooch is a Windows watchdog. By adding this free watchdog, you increase the safety of your anti-virus

Download Ogni Free Folder Locker and Hider 1.00.00

Ogni Free Folder Locker and Hider 1.00.00  Ogni Free Folder Locker & Hider is a powerful free software for home or commercial use

Download Remora USB Disk Guard

Remora USB Disk Guard  Remora USB Disk Guard is designed as a file encryption switch in your USB storage devices

Download Project Serial 2.1

Project Serial 2.1  Project Serial v2 is a clean and simple solution to keep all your software keys secure in one

Download Jpegx 2. 1. 2001

Jpegx 2. 1. 2001  Jpegx is an application that will help you encrypt and hide messages in standard jpeg

Download uHash 0.5.1 Build 284

uHash 0.5.1 Build 284  ?Hash is a small and simple program for calculation of CRC32, MD5 and SHA1

Download mfNotepad 0.0.155

mfNotepad 0.0.155  mfNotePad is a utility to replace the yellow postit notes arround your monitor.It appears as a thin line on the edge of the screen

Download freeroms Lindsay Lohan Screensaver 1.0

freeroms Lindsay Lohan Screensaver 1.0  Great Lindsay Lohan Screensaver. Free for all to use, over 50 images and 1 full song

Download Abyssal Recovery 1. 1. 2000

Abyssal Recovery 1. 1. 2000  Abyssal Recovery can rescue corrupted or lost data from damaged, scratched, or defective CD and DVD

Download KeyFinder Thing 3. 1. 2006

KeyFinder Thing 3. 1. 2006  KeyFinder Thing is a simple utility to retrieve the Serial numbers or CD Keys of Microsoft software installed on your

Download MemSpy 3.9

MemSpy 3.9  Is a small memory spy, wich can

Download RegScrubVistaXP 1.6

RegScrubVistaXP 1.6  RegScrubVistaXP was designed not only for casual users to safely repair the registry, but allows advanced users and IT professionals to view various sections of the registry on a regular basis

Download WinEmPower 1.0

WinEmPower 1.0  WinEmPower is a freeware tool that can "EmPower" you and help you to optimize and solve problems in some fields of Windows 7 and Windows Server 2008 easily, instead of navigating on registry & services which causes time loss and invites you to make

Download Zip Files Opener 1.0

Zip Files Opener 1.0  This utility designed to be a simple yet powerful archiver program. You can easily create and extract zip compressed files by using its very simple user interface. You can split a big size file into smaller splitted files with only few click

Download SFX Compiler 2.5

SFX Compiler 2.5  SFX Compiler is a freeware program which enables you to add multiple files into one self-extracting file. This can be useful for distribution