Freeware Programs: FreeConverterSoft
Download Free Task Manager Pro 1.6

Free Task Manager Pro 1.6  Free Task Manager Pro offers you a free tool which keep track of your tasks you set out to complete.

Download Free File Router 1.5

Free File Router 1.5  Free File Router is a windows tool which manages your folders and save your time.

Download Free Startup Optimizer 1.4

Free Startup Optimizer 1.4  Free Startup Optimizer is a free windows tool that allows you to improve Windows boot time.

Download Power TFS Manager 1.4

Power TFS Manager 1.4  Power TFS Manager allows you to find what file has been checked-in to TFS and the history based on comments.

Download Free Music Alarm Clock 1.6

Free Music Alarm Clock 1.6  Free Music Alarm Clock is a freeware program allows you to remind you of important things.

Download SQL Query Tool 1.6

SQL Query Tool 1.6  SQL Query Tool is a SQL query software tool that allows you to query ODBC data sources, see and understand data.

Download Folder Monitoring Tool 1.4.0

Folder Monitoring Tool 1.4.0  Folder Monitoring Tool is a free tool which can monitor for folder changes, modifications, deletions and the creation of new files.

Download Securely File Deletion Tool 2.3.0

Securely File Deletion Tool 2.3.0  Securely File Deletion Tool is free desktop application to securely delete and shred files on a computer for windows. This software allows you securely delete any contents of any hard disk

Download Computer Power Management 1.3.0

Computer Power Management 1.3.0  Watch Log Files Tool is a log files management solution that shows you the latest additions to a log file continuously. You can open Multiple log files at the same time and the logs can be updated via a timer.

Download Blockup Popup Windows 1.4.0

Blockup Popup Windows 1.4.0  Blockup Popup Windows is a standalone application that will block pop-up windows from appearing on your computer when you browse the internet.

Download System Tray Minimizer 1.6.0

System Tray Minimizer 1.6.0  System Tray Minimizer lets you minimize any windows utilities to the system tray icons and keep your taskbar clean.

Download EXE to ICO Converter 1.2

EXE to ICO Converter 1.2  EXE to ICO Converter is an easy to use application that allows you to convert EXE, DLL, and OCX to ICO.

Download System Tray Hand 1.2

System Tray Hand 1.2  System Tray Hand displays system tray information that lets you right click, left click or double click the tray icon to run the application.

Download Icon Viewer Pro 1.2

Icon Viewer Pro 1.2  Icon Viewer Pro is a nice but small utility for viewing all the icon resources within an .exe or .dll file.

Download Free Change File Data 1.3.0

Free Change File Data 1.3.0  Change File Data is a free tool that helps you change the date and time for any file. The files in the computer always have a date stamp attached to it, showing the date and time the files were created.

Download Workgroup Security Manager 1.6.0

Workgroup Security Manager 1.6.0  Workgroup Security Manager lets you can easily and quickly manage Group Policy in Workgroup Security Model in your applications and or databases.

Download Windows Desktop Cleaner 1.4

Windows Desktop Cleaner 1.4  Windows Desktop Cleaner is able to clean up your desktop and optimize performance of a computer

Download User Activity Monitor 1.6

User Activity Monitor 1.6  User Activity Monitor is a free tool that will real time monitor the users activities on client computer

Download CD DVD USB Locker 1.5

CD DVD USB Locker 1.5  CD DVD USB Locker allows a user can Lock and unlock USB Drive, CD Drive.

Download E-sign PDF File 1.6.0

E-sign PDF File 1.6.0  E-sign PDF File is a free tool offered as a convenient way to try digitally signing PDF documents.

Download Free Email Collection 1.6

Free Email Collection 1.6  Free Email Collection is a free windows tool that can extract email addresses from files that are not necessarily text files and save them in an text file.

Download Free Excel To CSV Converter 1.6.1

Free Excel To CSV Converter 1.6.1  Free Excel To CSV Converter is a lightweight utility which provides you a very simple and fast conversion from Microsoft Excel workbooks into CSV format.

Download Quick Mail Sender 1.6

Quick Mail Sender 1.6  Quick Mail Sender can send an email to the receiver's SMTP server directly with file attachments and don't login to your email.

Download Free Multi File Renamer 1.5.1

Free Multi File Renamer 1.5.1  Multi File Renamer is a tool to easily rename multiple files according to multiple rules at once.

Download Application Windows Tab 1.3

Application Windows Tab 1.3  Application Windows Tab allows you to easily access and navigate between several open Windows applications and clean up space in the taskbar.

Download File Attributes Reset Tool 1.4.0

File Attributes Reset Tool 1.4.0  File Attributes Reset Tool is a tiny tool to reset and unhide file attributes on you USB Drive.

Download Structured Storage File Tool 1.4.0

Structured Storage File Tool 1.4.0  Structured Storage File Tool is computer storage software for structured data that often in the form of a distributed database.

Download DHTML Source Editor 1.0

DHTML Source Editor 1.0  DHTML Source Editor is a HTML editor for Windows, both WYSIWYG and text editors that allow you to create Rich Internet Applications.

Download Word String Finder 1.4.0

Word String Finder 1.4.0  Word String Finder will help you find all possible word combinations from your folder.

Download HTML Edit Assistant 1.1

HTML Edit Assistant 1.1  HTML Edit Assistant is a HTML tool for the beginner or the expert who want to build Web page in HTML format.