Freeware Programs: Freebyte
Download TreePad Lite 2.9.5

TreePad Lite 2.9.5  Award winning, pioneer Tree-structured PIM, Database, Advanced Search + Text Editor with hyperlink support, TreePad is not only highly intuitive, versatile + powerful, but also easy to install. It is so small that it can run from a floppy, incl.

Download Disktective 4.0

Disktective 4.0  Freeware disk reporting tool for Windows. You can use Disktective to trace used space within your harddisk and directories. Disktective can handle 10 Gb or more.

Download Harddisk Search and Stats 2.0

Harddisk Search and Stats 2.0  Freeware file and disk search engine. Searches multiple files an folders recursively (optional). You can use many search-phrases within one search, and/or filter the search using file extensions.

Download HJ-Install v3.1.1

HJ-Install v3.1.1  is a simple application installer.

Download ! TreePad Lite for Linux 2.2.0

! TreePad Lite for Linux 2.2.0  \Award winning, pioneer Tree-structured personal database/PIM + text editor w/ advanced search: powerful time-saver and a highly intuitive way for storing/retrieving notes, emails, texts, hyperlinks, etc. !

Download Bootminder v2.0

Bootminder v2.0  warns you if a floppy disk is in your A: drive when shutting down Windows, which protects against the possibility of getting a boot virus by starting up with a floppy still in A:.