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Download Pumpkin Smashing 2.0

Pumpkin Smashing 2.0  Pumpkin's smashing is a game kids love to explore. With couple of basic commands you are ready to smash those pumpkins in a second and get rid of those rats trying to steal the rest of the pumpkins.

Download Tomb Raider Adventure - Free Kids Games 2.0

Tomb Raider Adventure - Free Kids Games 2.0  Tomb Raider Adventure game for kids is an Indiana Jones like free kids game. It holds many surprises and keeps your concentration on its peek the whole game through.

Download Skybunny Hunting Honey 2.0

Skybunny Hunting Honey 2.0  Hey kids, Skybunny hunting Honey game is here. A cute little bunny is waiting for you. He needs to gather as much honey as possible flying among the clouds in his hot-air balloon.

Download The Magic Bouncer 1.0

The Magic Bouncer 1.0  Children absolutely love to play it. This free kids game is perfectly suited for kids. It is so easy to learn the commands so a child can put all of his efforts in mastering each level at the time. Each kid should have a chance to play this game!

Download Adventures of Zelda 1.0

Adventures of Zelda 1.0  Zelda found herself in the magic world of dwarfs and trolls. She is on a secret mission! Her only friends are a secret magician and a yoga guru. Their advice is Zelda's thin line between surviving to the next level and getting captured by those

Download Tic-Tac-Toe Legends 1.0

Tic-Tac-Toe Legends 1.0  Tic-Tac-Toe Legends is a brain game that could never get boring regardless of how many times you play it. Your goal is to get three same signs in a row before the computer does it. It is a classical mind strategy noughts and crosses game, a game

Download Skateboarding Extreme 1.0

Skateboarding Extreme 1.0  Skateboarding Extreme is a free arcade game where kids can release all their power of imagination and train their coordination skills. Extreme skateboarding is all about picking out the right moment to show some really high jumps. The skater name

Download Chinese Fish Catcher 1.0

Chinese Fish Catcher 1.0  Free Kids Games with a game called Chinese Fish Catcher is extremely popular with kids of all ages and adults as well. It is a matter of seconds to figure it out how it works. Though it is in Chinese signs, you

Download Extreme BMX Park 1.0

Extreme BMX Park 1.0  Do you like speed, adrenaline, crazy stunts, high jumps and turnarounds? Extreme BMX Park has it all you and much more! Take your bike out on the course and try out some of the craziest stunts possible on a BMX bike. The course is equipped with

Download The Final Fantasy 1.0

The Final Fantasy 1.0  Your journey begins in a town called Norish. You are a warrior that needs to fight all the evil creatures that took over the town. With every killed enemy you gain experience points and strength necessary for the next level. When you are good