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VIR2SIM 1.1.0

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VIR2SIM is a service that helps to increase a number of calls from foreign leads.

VIR2SIM has been featured on: - *These local numbers can be helpful for anyone that does business abroad.*

VIR2SIM is a service that helps to increase a number of calls from foreign leads.

VIR2SIM has been featured on: - *These local numbers can be helpful for anyone that does business abroad.* - "During early testing, enterprise businesses witnessed a 31% increase in call traffic."

How VIR2SIM works:

We connect foreign phone numbers to your SIM card, so you can use them to receive calls from your foreign clients. It means no charge for international calls to your clients. Connect a new number to your SIM card just in a few seconds without any special equipment.

Increase your sales with VIR2SIM numbers:

- Start selling in 19 countries directly from home
Increase number of calls from foreign leads and clients, ensuring a local call for a calling party, meaning no long distance charge.
- Increase a conversion of your international website
Increase the attraction of your Call To Action, Contact Form or Customer Support by publishing a domestic number for your foreign visitors and clients.
- Use a single phone for 20 markets
Connect up to 20 numbers to a single SIM card and easily manage your incoming leads all over the world.
and even more:
- Increase the efficiency of your advertising campaigns
You can easy check a response from your ads in different media, using separate number for each of them.
- Resume sales when abroad or switched off
You can redirect all VIR2SIM incoming cals to any other SIM card (not just your *home* SIM), even when abroad with just one click.
- Keep your privacy
Use virtual number to anonymously subscribe on services or make catalog purchases, because you never know how they gonna use or track your actual phone number.
- Pay As You Go pricing
The calls are charged on a per-second basis, no hidden fees, no connection fees. All call charges are debited from your VIR2SIM account, no carrier plan minutes are used (we use callback even for outgoing calls).

VIR2SIM is perfectly fitted to be used for:
- Real estate agents that sell property to foreign clients
- Hotels and tourism businesses
- On-line shops with international trading
- Handy crafts makers willing to discover new markets

It is easy to get started and try for free:
- Choose country to get more calls from
- Select foreign number you like
- Enter your *home number*
- Receive SMS with the activation code and enter it in the app
- Start using the service

Service doesn't require any special equipment, and doesn't depend on WI-FI, 3G or 4G speed. Callers will be fully satisfied with a quality cellular connection.

With VIR2SIM features users are able to receive inbound calls, connect and manage multiple numbers, browse calls' history, import contacts, easily forward virtual numbers to another mobile or landline phone number with a single click.

At this moment users are able to connect foregn numbers from 19 countries: Australia, Austria, Bulgaria, Canada, Czech Republic, Denmark, Estonia, Finland, Israel, Latvia, Lithuania, Norway, Poland, Romania, Russia, Sweden, UK, Ukraine, United States.

It is also possible to get calls from USA, UK, Canada and Australia cities. Connect virtual numbers from New York, Los Angeles, Chicago, Houston, Philadelphia in USA. London, Birmingham, Manchester, Leeds, Glasgow in UK. Toronto and Montreal in UK. Sydney, Perth, Melbourne in Australia.

Download the app right now and add your first VIR2SIM number for free with a0,25 for a test call.

For more information, please visit

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