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TrilogyEC Professional Edition 1.3.0


TrilogyEC Professional Edition 1.3.0

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The TrilogyEC Professional Edition was developed by Trilogy Solutions, Inc ( TSI ) as an absolutely FREE encrypted chat, instant messaging (IM) and file transferring application.

The TrilogyEC Professional Edition was developed by Trilogy Solutions, Inc ( TSI ) as an absolutely FREE encrypted chat, instant messaging (IM) and file transferring application. TrilogyEC utilizes 256 bit Advanced Encryption Standard ( AES ) cryptography to deliver U.S. military grade security in an instant messenger / chat hybrid program. With the TrilogyEC, you can collaborate with up to 5 people simultaneously in a completely secure environment without the need (or risk) of public servers. The TrilogyEC was designed for use in the U.S. Department of Defense (DoD), in any size business, on college campuses, and even at home between family & friends. By delivering a completely free multipoint communications platform with world-class security, and without dependency upon third-party servers, TrilogyEC marks a revolution in Internet text communications. Welcome to the revolution. The "no-compromises" security of the TrilogyEC is unrivaled within the world of chat / IM applications. This is due in large part to the unique MISER (click for information) technology developed by Trilogy Solutions for this project. For most instant messenger or chat applications security is an afterthought, but the TrilogyEC was designed with security at its core. Unlike most multipoint communications programs, the TrilogyEC does not use servers to relay information between clients. Instead, with the TrilogyEC, you create your own private multipoint relay environment, allowing you to easily implement your own secure communication topology. Your data is never, ever exposed to the risk of public servers. Programs such as AOL Instant, Yahoo Messenger, Envoke, WebEx, and nearly all others provide some measure of security, but ultimately house your information on a server. Even with the best intentions in mind, any time information is collected in a centralized location, it begins to be vulnerable. The trend in the world of chat / IM applications has been to create programs that were the most compatible with other platforms. For instance, several now bridge the user communities of AOL Instant Messenger, Yahoo Messenger, ICQ and MSN Messenger. Compatibility is great, but it comes at a cost. Each time that an application is made "more compatible" with another, security is slightly diminished. Vulnerabilities begin to arise such as "man in the middle" and "replay" attacks where holes in the security architecture are exploited. With a complete disregard for compatibility, TSI was free to engineer the TrilogyEC for the absolute highest levels of security. If your primary concern is "how many millions of people can I chat with today", then use a program like AOL Instant Messenger or Trillian. Both of these programs (and many others like it) are perfect for casual conversations. However, if your primary concern is "how many millions of years would it take for someone to crack this communication", then we strongly recommend the TrilogyEC.

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