TRAOD Startup Configuration Utility
TRAOD Startup Configuration Utility 1.0


TRAOD Startup Configuration Utility 1.0

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TRAOD SCU (Startup Configuration Utility) is a simple way to gain access to all the extra features within Tomb Raider: Angel of Darkness

TRAOD SCU (Startup Configuration Utility) is a simple way to gain access to all the extra features within Tomb Raider: Angel of Darkness. Once the game is started you will find the weapons menu has all the guns including twin Scorpion-X and Vector-R35 pistols, plus all the ammo you need. In order to enable this cheat, you need to tick All weapons and ammo option before starting the game.

Tick the Debug keys option before starting the game. You can now Press B key to start Lara flying (well, swimming in air really).
You can move Lara through walls and locked doors and she cannot be shot. To finish press the Action key.
To remove the debug infomation see DebugKeys.

There is an inaccessable area of TRAOD that was originally going to form part of the initial training to teach the player some of Lara's moves as part of the story line. This has been locked away behind a door and has not been completed.

TRAoD has an inbuilt Graphics benchmarking routine that can be used to help configure your settings for optimal game play. The benchmark will run your graphic card at different resolution and modes while recording the average Frames per Second (FPS) achieved.

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