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Tarot de Paris 1.0


Tarot de Paris 1.0

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Tarot is an ancient divination system presumably developed in Egypt. Visual Tarot is a program that allows you to consult a virtual Tarot, giving you several types of readings

Tarot is an ancient divination system presumably developed in Egypt. Visual Tarot is a program that allows you to consult a virtual Tarot, giving you several types of readings. One of the many interesting features of Visual Tarot is the possibility of changing the faces of the cards by choosing among many different models that can be downloaded for free from the developer's site. The Tarot of Paris is one of such models. It features beautiful illustrations based on photographs taken in Paris, France. Those photos were enhanced using an image editing program and the result is very pleasant. Thus, each card is illustrated with one of the most known Paris monuments such as the Eiffel Tower, the Louvre museum or the Champs Elysees. Another characteristic that is worth mentioning is the fact that the different groups of the traditional Tarot (swords, cups, wands, and coins) are named here after one of the four elements: water, fire, earth and air, thus adding a nice New Age element to the deck.
Although the Tarot of Paris add-in is free, the program itself is not, so if you want to use it, you will need to purchase a license. Also, although the card faces are in .jpg format, they are in low resolution, so they can hardly be used in another application

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