rekordbox 1.5


rekordbox 1.5

Category: Audio / Composition

Rekordbox is an advanced tool which enables you to easily manage your favorite tunes, and also improve their audio quality, by adding special sound effects.

Once its fast and clean installation finishes, and you launch the application, you can

Rekordbox is an advanced tool which enables you to easily manage your favorite tunes, and also improve their audio quality, by adding special sound effects.

Once its fast and clean installation finishes, and you launch the application, you can configure its settings by customizing the appearance of the interface (change language, font size, show tooltips, customize color comments, etc.), choosing the right primary sound driver, etc. The program was especially designed for professional DJs, and therefore, an average user might find it difficult to familiarize themselves with the program's interface.

You will be able to create your own playlist by adding tracks, folders, or other playlists with just a few clicks. Furthermore, the program enables you to easily drag-and-drop your favorite tunes into your current playlist. Once you finished making your selections, you can start constructing your mix.

All you need to do in order to edit a track is to double-click on top of it, and press the Play button. You are, then, able to set the beat levels for each loop you make (4, 8, 16, 32), shrink/expand beat intervals, shift the whole Beatgrid left/right, double/halve the BPM value (beats per minute), and many more modifications.

The program also conveniently comes with a built-in search engine, which helps you locate any audio file that you are looking for by simply selecting the search filters (title, artist, BPM, label, etc.), and afterward entering the keywords. You will obtain a fast and accurate result in just a few seconds.

To conclude with, rekordbox represents a professional application that helps you efficiently manage your tracks and elaborate complex mixes.

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