QuickPHP 1.1.0


QuickPHP 1.1.0

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QuickPHP is a PHP Development Web Server (similar to ASP.NET Development Web Server that comes with Visual Studio, except that it's for PHP instead of ASP.NET) which is also an extremely lightweight PHP Web Server.

QuickPHP is a PHP Tester and Debugger which is also an extremely lightweight PHP Web Server. It is a PHP Development Web Server - similar to ASP.NET Development Web Server that comes with Visual Studio, except that it's for PHP instead of ASP.NET.

Weighing in at just over 500KB in size and using around 9MB of memory with PHP DLL running, QuickPHP is one of the most lightweight fully functional standalone PHP web server in the world today!

- Freeware
- A PHP development web server
- The PHP version of Microsoft Visual Studio's ASP.NET Development Server
- Extremely lightweight in both disk space (file size) and memory footprint
- An empty WinForms .NET application uses more memory than this web server!
- Ideal for quickly testing your website locally
- Without the hassle of converting your machine into a web server
- Runs as a standalone application
- Serves HTML and PHP files
- Can be tested with any browsers (therefore, must be a web server)
- Small size and no installation - so you could grab it here and use it on any computer
- Handles GET, POST and HEAD requests
- Supports PHP Sessions and Cookies
- Does not rely on PHP to be installed
- Supports PHP extensions and PHP.ini (most scripts require them)
- Tested with PHPBB3 - from installation to a fully running forum
- Purely Win32 application - does NOT require .NET framework
- No installation required!
- Simply unzip into a random folder and run!

If you have problem downloading QuickPHP, stop using your download manager and download directly from browser. Check also your firewall, proxy settings, because some download mirrors may require that you do not block the HTTP referers.

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