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poMMo 15.1

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poMMo is versatile mass mailing software. It can be used to add a mailing list to your Web site or to organize stand alone mailings. Unique Features such as the ability to mail subsets of your subscribers set it apart from alternatives.

poMMo is versatile mass mailing software. It can be used to add a mailing list to your Web site or to organize stand alone mailings. Unique Features such as the ability to mail subsets of your subscribers set it apart from alternatives.Features:EASY TO USE - Subscription FormpoMMo has consistently been developed with ease of use in mind. The user should feel at ease from installation to administration. - Simple 2 minute web based installation -- no "CRON" - Per Page Support Documentation with user contributed notes - Easy creation of subscriber groups - Quickly Import and Export your subscriber base - WYSIWYG HTML Mailing Creation - Compatible with all common web hosts - Intuitive Dialogs - Drag and Drop Field Ordering COMPLETELY CUSTOMIZABLE - Group CreationpoMMo is perhaps the most flexible list manager in existence. - Flexible collection of subscriber data through user defined "fields" - Easily match the look of the subscription form to your website, or embed it in a existing page - Themeable, Brandable - Look and Feel controlled by SMARTY template files - Localized in over 10 languages - Limit the sending of mails -- throttle by hour, bytes, and domain limits. - Messages (or redirect URL) on subscriber "subscription", "unsubscription", and "update" are easily changed POWERFUL - Throttle ControllerpoMMo is not your ordinary list software. - Revolutionary AJAX based subscriber Management - Create and mail subgroups of your subscribers based off their field values - Personalize Mailings -- e.g. Say "Dear Susan" vs. "Dear Subscriber" - View and Reload sent mailings from the Mailing History page - Get a list of sent, unsent, and failed recipients during a mailing - Mailings can be paused, resumed, and canceled "live" - Mailings take place in the background -- you can turn your computer OFF during a sending - Automated list "hygiene" by scanning for bounced mail - Subscribers can unsubscribe themselves or update their own information (including email address)ENTERPRISE CLASS - WYSIWYG CompositionHave a list of 100,000? No Problem. From the ground up poMMo has been designed with scalable optimization in mind. - Very low disk I/O -- no wasteful back and fourth database queries, even during personalization! - Fast lightweight framework -- tiny session footprint, minimal file inclusions and parsing overhead - Index optimizations result in lightning fast queries -- even during complicated group filtering on large (70,000 ) lists - Multiuser support with permissions (Administrators, Managers, and Mailers). - Send mailings through up to 4 SMTP relays simultaneously - Retrieved from "homepage"

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