phpShop 0.8.1


phpShop 0.8.1

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phpShop is a PHP-powered shopping cart application. It is released under the GNU General Public License.The primary purpose of phpShop is to provide a simple shopping cart solution that is easy to customize to suit any purpose.

phpShop is a PHP-powered shopping cart application. It is released under the GNU General Public License.The primary purpose of phpShop is to provide a simple shopping cart solution that is easy to customize to suit any purpose. phpShop has less features that many other shopping cart applications, but is generally easier to customize. All that is required to effectively customize phpShop is a basic knowledge of HTML, PHP, and SQL. The current list of features are as follows: - Use of CSS-based themes - Easily integrated with Dreamweaver for layout design - Shopping cart per visiting shopper - Minicart visible for shoppers as they browse site - Simple search tool for finding products - Category based navigation of store - Show current specials - Sales statistics - Order management and processing - Manage multiple order status types - Update order statuses - WYSIWYG editing of product descriptions - Unlimited number of products - Display products in thumbnail and full size - Unlimited number of product categories - Unlimited number of product attributes - Able to display multiple prices per product - Pricing based on shopper groups - SKU based product listings with SKU’s at the product attribute(s) level - Easy to use web based store administration - Database driven for dynamic store maintenance - Administrative user management - SSL template driven admin and storefront pages - Upload category, product, and store images via web browser - Multiple shipping addresses per shopper - Separate shipping and handling charge calculation - Customizable zone based tax calculation (city/state & country/region) - Ability to create shopper groups - Order management with customizable order status types - Email notifications of orders - Live credit card processing through payment processors - Shoppers can view orders with status - Ability to set tax rates for multiple countries, states and cities. - Shoppers registration - Shoppers have secure account access to view current and previous orders - Shipping address book for storing multiple shipping or billing addresses - Zone based shipping methods

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