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Personixx Greetings 1.2

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Using real voices from your favorite celebrities, create and send ultra-customized audio messages by phone call, audio text message, or email.

Using real voices from your favorite celebrities, create and send ultra-customized audio messages by phone call, audio text message, or email. Ask someone out, break up with them, call in sick, wish them a happy birthday, halloween, mother's day, a great day, get well soon or even good luck. 35 reasons to choose from. You create the message, phrase by phrase, just the way you want it. Or, use "PREMADE" mode to quickly send a personalized message in about two minutes.

Just think of all the fun you can have with this genius app. Phone calls sound REAL, as if the celebrity is actually calling your victim. Prank someone in the most unique way possible. Send them a celebrity phone call greeting instead of a card from the store.

PERSONIXX GREETINGS is not a lame "drop a name in and have a customized message" application, where everyone basically gets the same message. Rather, it is a platform which allows you to be creative; assemble the message the way YOU want it, even including your own voice (as if you are with the celebrity chatting), sound effects, and background tracks. Millions of different messages can be created, each completely unique. Three modes in the app allows you to make a message phrase by phrase, sentence by sentence, or, if you're a bit lazy, the app will make complete (yet personalized) messages, and you just select the one you want to send.

The app is FREE, and you can create and listen to as many messages as you want for free. Sending your first message is completely free. Use in-app purchases to send additional messages to your friends, coworkers and family.

Coming soon are follow-on apps which will allow you to create customized, personalized voicemail greetings, ringtones and ringback tones.

See what people are saying about PERSONIXX GREETINGS:

-- "This app is genius and it actually works! I totally tricked my friend into thinking they got a call from a celeb, which was priceless! They were like how do you know Snooki?!?"
GGme3, Oct 17, 2011

-- "Great messages, sound perfectly real!"
Dave S, Oct 2, 2011

-- "This app is super innovative. The celebrity voices make you believe that you are actually speaking with them. Best of all, the app is extremely user friendly and provides a great source of entertainment."
Binky329, Oct 2, 2011

-- "Love it! And my friends love their messages."
beenthere79, Oct 1, 2011

-- "This app is the bomb! A must have! Download it, you will love it! Extremely customized, real celeb voices! Nothing out there like this..."
Mitch007, Oct 3, 2011

-- "This App is awesome. Personalized greetings from the coolest people... A great use of technology and now talking on the phone and leaving messages is fun again. A must-have free app!!"
Nealio666, Oct 3, 2011

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