OrangeNote™ 1.0


OrangeNote™ 1.0

OrangeNote is a very handy application that allows you to store an unlimited number of notes and have them organized in one place

OrangeNote is a very handy application that allows you to store an unlimited number of notes and have them organized in one place. No matter what you are doing, you can instantly open OrangeNote by pressing the keys CTRL+WIN+SPACE or simply by clicking on the system tray icon. You can add a title, hotkey, and tag to your note to find it more easily, and you can customize the font size, note color, and text color. Once you've written your note, you can use the grab button from the menu (which automatically attaches the note to the mouse cursor to be pasted on the next click), copy the text, speak the note aloud, open the note as a new message in your mail program, and save the content of the note as a text file. Also, if you click the right mouse button on the system tray icon you can view the recent notes, your favorite ones, and your clipboard history. You can also easily search for notes by entering keywords in the search field. What is more, the application is absolutely customizable from the option menu, including appearance, behavior, hotkeys, online services, and more, to satisfy your needs and tastes to the maximum.
In short, OrangeNote is a comprehensive application for the creation of notes that will help you remember important events or simply type any text that comes to your mind to later use it for something else. It is absolutely free, so I suggest you try it and see how simple and useful it is.

If you have problem downloading OrangeNote™, stop using your download manager and download directly from browser. Check also your firewall, proxy settings, because some download mirrors may require that you do not block the HTTP referers.

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