NINO 4.1.9


NINO 4.1.9

NINO is a network management solution to manage routers, switches, servers and applications. Using realtime monitoring, event monitoring and reporting the health and status of your network can be monitored.

NINO is a network management solution to manage routers, switches, servers and applications. Using realtime monitoring, event monitoring and reporting the health and status of your network can be monitored. On high severity events NINO can send e-mail notification. NINO can be used from any place in the network or event the internet just using a web browser. This is an example to manage servers and the network. Features:Device & network discovery: - Network discovery: NINO is able to discover your network. Just enter a router IP address or default gateway and an optional alternate community string, and NINO will scan all devices and store it in the database. NINO uses the routing table of each router to scan the network. - Scan IP range: NINO is able to scan your network for SNMP capable devices. Just enter a range, start IP address, end IP address and an optional alternate community string, and NINO will scan all devices and store it in the database. - Discover devices using seed file: NINO is able to discover your network using a seed file. Just upload the file and NINO starts discovering and store it in the database. - Discover monitoring capabilities: NINO is able to discover monitoring capabilities. NINO will detect a Cisco router or switch, Windows, Linux, Novell or generic host and enable the right monitoring presets. - Network info: NINO is also able to look inside a router, find routing tables and scan all attached networks. All network info per device will be stored into the database. In the device view also the current routing table can be displayed, showing routing protocol, age, next hop, metric etc. Monitoring: - Monitoring: NINO can monitor servers, routers, switches and applications. - Events: NINO can send and receive SNMP traps. Traps are stored in the eventlog. Event actions can be defined to send e-mail alerts, escalation traps or commandline scripts. NINO also has a trap forwarding functionality to integrate NINO into larger networks. Traps can be forwared per event or using source filters (ie. forward all traps comming form: 10.1.1.* ). - Monitoring presets & preset groups: NINO uses monitoring presets to monitor devices. Presets can be stored in a preset group, ie. all Windows presets (CPU, Disk, memory, network statistics) are grouped in a Windows preset group. Monitoring presets can use SNMP, WMI or Service Response to monitor a device. It is possible to create customized monitoring presets. Default presets are available for Cisco routers or switches, Windows, Linux and hosts using the standard HostResources MIB. Device browser: - Device browser: A device browser is available to browse groups, devices, view hostmeter, view severity levels and browse monitoring statistics. Severity levels are also displayed for a group, this means that the highest severity for a device in that group will be displayed. - Groups: Devices can be grouped into device groups. The groups can be browsed in the device browser. This way it is easy to create a view by location or functionality. Groups may also contain groups to create higher level service views. - Reporting: Groups can also be created for reporting. These groups contain more information, such as host, monitoring preset and monitoring index. The device browser will also display these groups.

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